For my second last meeting with the group we went to a museum called Vapriikki. Since I’m new to Tampere as well, I had never been there. Personally I loved it, because there’s no such place in my hometown.

We managed to go through almost all of the exhibitions even though we had quite little time. This meeting was mostly about us teaching the others some finnish history, since so many of the exhibitions moved around that theme. These included for example the Tampere 1918, The Tammerkoski Rapids and story of Tampere and my personal favourite, Six artists on Tammerkoski. We were able to discuss finnish history and compare a little with other countries. Once again, at the same time as I was able to teach other people stuff, I learned a lot myself.

Also most of the explanations for the exhibitions were in finnish, so this was a nice opportunity to translate and help others learn a bit finnish as well. Even though I mostly felt like this teaching experience was also a huge english lesson for me, since many of the word were hard for me to translate or explain. A lot of brain work went to it!

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