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For my second last meeting with the group we went to a museum called Vapriikki. Since I’m new to Tampere as well, I had never been there. Personally I loved it, because there’s no such place in my hometown.

We managed to go through almost all of the exhibitions even though we had quite little time. This meeting was mostly about us teaching the others some finnish history, since so many of the exhibitions moved around that theme. These included for example the Tampere 1918, The Tammerkoski Rapids and story of Tampere and my personal favourite, Six artists on Tammerkoski. We were able to discuss finnish history and compare a little with other countries. Once again, at the same time as I was able to teach other people stuff, I learned a lot myself.

Also most of the explanations for the exhibitions were in finnish, so this was a nice opportunity to translate and help others learn a bit finnish as well. Even though I mostly felt like this teaching experience was also a huge english lesson for me, since many of the word were hard for me to translate or explain. A lot of brain work went to it!

Thoughts about course…

I´m really happy that I started this course because I met these amazing people from different countries and learned much about their cultures and countries. We had big group and it was sometimes hard to fit our timetables but after all I think it was a richness for us that we had so many different and unique person there. Even though I think it´s sad that distances between us are so long after they leave Finland.
We learned some Spanish and things about Spanish culture. We learned also some things about Malaysian, Korean and German culture. We were supposed to learn some German too, but we didn´t had time for that because time was running so fast every time we met. I had wonderful opportunity to use my English. Now I´m going to study Spanish more so that one day I can speak it fluently. =)
I can recommend this course for everyone who would like to meet new people and learn something from them. This course was a wonderful experience and it gave me so much. Thank you for everyone. I´m going to miss you so much…


Our last meeting

This was our last meeting with our EOTO-group. We went to Tallipiha-Stable Yards which is located in Finlayson area were you can see old time idyll in Tampere Centre. There are some Russian style cottages surrounded by beautiful garden. The cottages have been restored to their 1880´s appearance. There are a range of little gift shops, artisans workshops, animals (sheeps and donkey) and café. It´s also home to different seasonal events like now it`s time for a Christmas Market and Christmas Village.

I had never been there before so it was nice to see this lovely place. We visited the gift shops and artisans workshops and there were so many beautiful things and delicious chocolate. After visiting the shops we went to that beautiful café and had some hot chocolates and glogg. There was also string quartet and they were playing some Bach.


It was sad that this was our last meeting because we had just lovely time with these wonderful people and I´m going to miss them so much after this. But as they say that all good things come to an end.
I hope to see you guys again someday…

Our last meeting

It is really amazing how fast the time flies by if you have fun. There is no other explanation for me as to why I an already leaving Tampere in two weeks.

We meet for coffee in Finlayson and a few of us went through the places nearby and shopped for some souvenirs to remind us of these wonderful months in Tampere.


I looking forwards to the end of my stay with an laughing and an crying eye. I am glad to go home and see my loved ones but sad to leave Tampere. Because I felt right at home in this amazing town from the first day

Museum day

We got showed around by our finish group members. Sadly I didn’t have much time to look around because I was a bit late but it was interesting to see the art pictures and the most important stuff about finish history and culture. I didn’t even know of the museum before and was really glad I could take a look at Tamperes history and culture.

Movie classics and favourite songs

After we meet up in our own small group we decided to do it again and talk about stuff we could do the last time. We had a really intense conversation about favourite songs and songs in your native language. So we meet up at my home and we decided to listen to some songs. Everyone had some favourite songs we could play and some of it I enjoyed so much that I made me a youtube list so I can listen to them all the time. After that we got to Disney movies and our favourite songs and it got really weird from there on. Everyone was really irritate to hear their favourite Disney song in another language and we decided to quit while we are still in a good mood. Its very irritating when you hear a song and you know the lyrics but the singer is singing something completely different.

Cat cafe

Our group was really big and we could not always find a date that was suitable for everyone so two girl from my group and me decided to go to the cat café in Tampere to meet up.

We did not really learned anything that day but talked about our home country and how much we missed out family and pets.

We had a very nice afternoon petting the cats in the café and eating (very expensive) but delicious cake.

Finnish board game night

We played a board game where everyone hast to read the question and choose one question we could understand the most. Without the translations I would have been lost most of the times. But I was really surprise how much I could understand even when it was just some random finish words.

We had a lot of fun this evening.

Dia de Muertos

It is a Mexican festivical to meet and celebrate the day of the death. For me as an European it was a really strange concept, because there was no sadness in this day but a nice way to think about the people we loved and to celebrate with them. I like to keep this kind thinking that we should not wallow in sadness but celebrate with our lost ones.

Korean night

We had a Korean food night with Bibimbap, a dish made of rice, fried eggs, vegetables and a very spicey sauce. Since I have an Korean roommate and by now know to be careful about the spices. Korean eat really spicy and for me it was an complete opposite to what I am usually eating. But as the only one with prior knowledge to the spicy level of Korean, I had an big advantage to be careful with the red sauce. My group members didn’t expect it to be that spicy and it was kind of fun to see people just starting to get a red head or drowning a glass of water at once.