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First meeting (a long time ago)


Today was my first time meeting my Japanese tutors, Saki, Ayano and Aoi. I was excited to meet them but concerned it might be a little awkward. Fortunately I was wrong!  We met at Café Pella and all introduced ourselves and spoke a little about our level of Japanese. I told them my aim was to learn more about Japanese culture and try to improve my spoken Japanese.  I was only at beginner level and we decided that Ayano would be the best tutor for beginners. That day I also met two Finnish people, Kaari and Paula. We were all interested in Japanese culture and were looking forward to begin learning!

The last meeting: Site and Task Planning

This was our last meeting. The topic was the most professional we have had. We had one course together, Site and Task Planning. The course was held in Finnish and we had also few exchange students on the course with us. The teacher asked me to take care of few exchange students and translate the stuff in English. I accepted the challenge.


I felt it difficult because it was quite hard to understand the teaching even in Finnish. Teacher was speaking quite fast and of course I missed something every now and then.

After all, all the exercises and the final project became done.


Here are listed some words translated from Finnish to English to German:

ikkuna window Fenster
ovi door Tür
turvallisuus safety Sicherheit
sähkö electricity Elektrizität
puu wood Holz
maaperä soil Erde
korkea high Höhe
leveä width Breite
pitkä lenght Länge
tehtäväsuunnittelu task planning Planungsaufgabe
aluesuunnitelma site plan Lageplan
telinesuunnitelma scaffolding plan Gerüst Plan
turvallisuussuunnitelma safety plan Sicherheitsplan
määräluettelo bill of quantities Aufmaß

10. Words for task and site planning

Because we had one course together (the task and site planning course) we decided to make our last session about the words we needed for this course. Because the teaching language was in Finnish it was nice to understand some words of what the teacher said and also to read some important words in the task.

Here are some examples of the words.

Deutsch Englisch Suomi
Beton concrete betoni
Betonelement concrete element betonielementti
trocknen to dry kuivua
Lüftung ventilation ilmanvaihto
Lüftungszentrale ventilation control center ilmanvaihtokonehuone
Wartezeit waiting time odotusaika
Wohnung flat asunto
Wand wall seinä
Dach roof katto
Fenster window ikkuna
Tür door ovi
Sicherheit safety turvallisuus
Elektrizität electricity sähkö
Holz wood puu
Erde soil maaperä
Höhe high korkea
Breite width leveä
Länge length pitkä
Planungsaufgabe task planning tehtäväsuunnittelu
Lageplan site plan aluesuunnitelma
Gerüst Plan scaffolding plan telinesuunnitelma
Sicherheitsplan safety plan turvallisuussuunnitelma
Aufmaß bill of quantities määräluettelo

Our last meeting

I can’t believe how fast this autumn has gone past…

We had our last meeting last Thursday, and we went to the Tallipiha which is in Finlayson area. (Or I don’t know if we are still meeting, but I have now all meetings to this course, I think..)

I was the only one who has ever visited Tallipiha, so I showed all the places to Ani, Venla, Sofia and Sohee which was open when we came there. I like the most Tallipiha’s chocolate shop, where is so much hand-made candy and chocolate, and they are great gifts for Christmas for example 🙂

There are also other shops in Tallipiha, where is so much all kind of hand-made stuff, and I think our exchange-friends could buy great souvenirs from there. We went also to the Tallipiha’s coffee house, and there we had opportunity to listen  a string quartet play Bach music for a while.

I really didn’t learn anything new at this time, but it was nice to show this beautiful place of Tampere to my new friends, also to the Finnish girls 😉 And I think now they all saw how many different places there could be in Tampere, and I really like this city!

It’s little sad that our journey has come to the end, but I’m really happy I start this course. Even I haven’t learn much more languages, I have learned from different cultures and I have met the most friendly people from countries I really didn’t know about much before.

Thank you all and hope you have had a nice exchange in Finland!


My 10th EOTO Meeting Nov.23

Finnish class

So today is my last  EOTO meeting. We had a Finnish class with Teacher Maria. We met at library again for a one hour class, we used my Basic of Finnish’s text. Mary said it was a very good text for study Finnish so I have to thank for my Finnish teacher.

We studied some commonly used verbs and useful. This is we studied some daily expressions on that class.

Sentence starts with verb:

ending -ko / -kö

You answer ”kyllä” or ”ei” or with whole sentence:

Puhu/t/ko sinä suomea?


Kyllä, minä puhun suomea.

Pidätkö tanssimisesta? = Do you like to dance?

Käytätkö hametta? = Do you wear skirt?

Yritätkö tehdä sen? = Could you try to do that?

mikä ’what, which’

miksi ’why, for what reason’

missä ’where’

mistä ’from where’

mihin ’to where’

kuka ’who’

kuinka ’how, in which way’

millainen ’of what kind’

miten ’how, in which way’

milloin ’when, at what time’

tammikuu (= January)

helmikuu (= February)

maaliskuu (= March)

huhtikuu (= April)

toukokuu (= May)

kesäkuu (= June)

heinäkuu (= July)

elokuu (= August)

syyskuu (= September)

lokakuu (= October)

marraskuu (= November)

joulukuu (= December)

-> tammikuussa (= in January)


IMG_2678In this class I reviewed how to say time, month,KO / -KÖ -questions and so on. They quiet useful I think I can talk with Finnish more smoothly. I will try to speak more Finnish with natives. And I really thanks this course it makes me try to make more communication with the others. And thanks everyone in our group. I really had a really good time^^

9. Feuerzangenbowle

We had another movie session, but this time it was a really classical German movie: die Feuerzangenbowle. This movie is so old it is in black and white and even my grandfather thinks it’s a classic. In Germany this movie is so popular that in every university there are several university-cinema shows and all the tickets are sold out at the first selling day. Some are even camping in front of the shop.

The movie is about a guy who is already a successful author, but he never went to school because he had a private teacher.  His friends are pitying him really much and so they decide to send him to a school to give him the possibility to live through this experience, especially to do all the shenanigans.

We watched it with English subtitles, so my tutor can hear the German words and understand the meaning of it. I think it was hard to read the fast subtitles and I also think that some jokes are lost in the translation.

8. Pepparkaka hus

This time we baked a gingerbread house at my tutors’ place. It was a lot of fun to do it together with his kids. For the house we used the ready gingerbread walls and roof pieces from Ikea.

First we fixed the gingerbread elements with sugar paste “sokeri kuorrute” together and let it dry for a while. We used the time to go to Lidl and buy some sweets to decorate the house. We also bought gingerbread dough because the little daughter of my tutor wanted to make gingerbread inhabitants, too. =) (so cute)

Then we decorated the roof with all the sweet stuff: smarties, chocolate lenses, and gummy bears. We also tried to make ice spikes out of the sugar paste. I think we managed really well.

Then we made the gingerbread inhabitants. I think the 3 dimensional trees are very cool. The trick to fix them together without breaking the gingerbread is: to use a sandpaper to abrade everything which prevents the gingerbread pieces from fitting together.

I think it is a really nice result and the kids will love to destroy it after Christmas 😉IMG_6712


This was our last meeting.
We went to visit the shop houses at Tallipiha, where I found many beautiful gifts for my family who I’ll see in just one month 🙂 .
There were many hand made gifts, chocolate and of course glöggi!

After walking around in the shops we stopped at a coffe house in where we were lucky to listen to a string quartet play Bach music for a while.

It was a lovely good bye evening, made me feel very nostalgic about leaving this beautiful country. Although I’ve been doing some traveling, I must say that finland has the kindest people I’ve ever meet. <3

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9th meeting: Fun at the kirppis

1385374_10151907385696684_1791120247_nYesterday Sora, Jaana, Sabrina and me went to the kirppis. Kirppis is Finnish and means second hand shop or flea market. I  think this is such a cool thing because we don’t really have something like this in Germany. And I do like it of course because like every girl I like shopping a lot. Today I found a lot of clothes and of course some Christmas presents to a very, very good price 🙂

I really liked this meeting as it was the first time not about learning but about enjoying time together and having fun. 🙂


Kirppis – Flea market :)

Today we had our ninth meeting. Sora, Jaana, Christine and I went to Radiokirppis and Tarinakirppis. A little bit of finnish culture.

o_radiokirppis2 020

For those of you who doesn’t know what a kirppis is: it’s like a  mixture of secondhand shop and flea market. People rent a stand and put their staff which they want to sell there and then the kirppis sells them. After a rental period of normally one week the kirppis gives them their earned money. Usually there are cheap prices so it’s perfect for us poor students.

Inside a kirppis

After a shopping marathon of nearly 5 hours we found enough for us and our loved ones for christmas.  My output of today was very impressive. I bought shoes for 50 cents, sports trousers for 50 cents, a book for 1 euro, adidas sports shoes for 2 euro, a thermo mug for 80 cents, a curler for 50 cents and a shirt for 50 cents. For christmas, I found a beautiful picture for 2 euros, beautiful postcards with christmas wishes for 30 cents and a vacuum bottle for 3 euros. Then I found a pasta machine for actually 3 euros, but at the counter I got a discount of 50 %. What a nice surprice! 🙂

My outcome 🙂

It was really cool for us because we haven’t got something like this in Germany. We have only flea markets or second hand shops, but in second hand shops there are often things for older people. And on the fleamarkets you have to discuss with the salesperson to get a better price. The kirppis is much better! And it was really nice with our group! I’m looking forward for our two next and last meetings: We’ll go to the eishockey game between Tappara and Ilves and to Sauna!