First meeting and all we do is win

Our first meeting took place at Public Corner, a pub that hosts a music quiz every Tuesday. We thought it would be  a good place to start the course. Before the quiz we got to know each other and talked about our lives. We also set up the dates for our next nine meetings. I must say, we have a lot of fun things planned up!

When the quiz started we tried our best to translate the questions, that were in Finnish, to Olivia and Zsofia. We also talked a  little about Finnish music when they played it during the quiz. Everyone had good answers for the questions and to our delight we won the quiz, yay! As a price we got 9 € gift cards for Public Corner. We were all pretty hungry after the quiz so we decided to use them right away.

As we were waiting for our food we discussed the food prices in our home countries and also learned some Finnish and German vocabulary.  After eating the food we all went home happily with our stomachs full.

Until next time!


1 thought on “First meeting and all we do is win

  1. Great to hear about you winning! Please remember to also write some reflections about your learning/teaching process in each of your posts.

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