First meeting at Pella’s

Hello, I’m Tess de Boer from the Netherlands and I’m in a group with Laura from Finland and Lisanne from the Netherlands. Our first meeting was 1,5 week ago. I’m a little bit late with writing the blog… But I was very busy and went last week to Lapland.

We met at Pella’s cafe in the centre of Tampere at the first meeting. This is a nice cafe where you can have a coffee, tea, sweets and lunch. We decided to talk about our preliminary plan and our plans/goals for this course while enjoying a coffee and a typical Finnish snack. I want to learn more about the Finnish culture and want to use my knowledge from the Basics of Finnish course during the meetings. We will learn each other our cultures and languages during fun activities. We talked about the activities we want to do during the other meetings. We will cook Finnish and Dutch dishes, watch a Finnish and Dutch movie, going to the Kauppahalli and langlaufen on the frozen lake.

We talked about our countries. Laura went to the Netherlands last year. She told about the places where she has been. Laura told us that she has watched a Dutch serie with her boyfriend. She liked the serie very much, only she couldn’t remember the name of the serie. We found out that is was Penoza, my favorite serie in the Netherlands!! It is funny and nice to hear that a Finnish girl knows and likes this serie!

Our next meeting is this friday. We will go to the Kauppahalli. I’m very curious and I will make some photos to add on my blog.

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