Fist group meeting

Hello people!

So we met with Zsofia from Hungary, Olivia from Switzerland and Hanna from Finland at the central square Public Corner to play some music quiz and getting to know each other. Unfortunately our newest member Anni couldn´t make it since she had the flu.

Olivia and music quiz

Olivia is teaching us German, which is kind of funny for me, since I don´t know any German. Well I know “Ich weiß nicht” – which I sometimes use with a funny voice. But I´m happy if I learn even something! Well I learned some numbers in German. JEI!  

Zsofia again is “teaching” us some Hungarian. Yes. That is an interesting language.. It´s even harder that Finnish! But it´s fun when she says some things in Hungarian. Maybe I don´t have high expectations in that language… Sorry Zsofia! 😀 But I will try those swear words at some point..

Most interesting part of our date was the part when we were talking about what´s the price level in Switzerland and Hungary. Switzerland is very expensive place to live in and Hungary.. Well that´s a paradise! You can have a bottle of wine in a restaurant for 10 € and foods don´t cost a thing. Why can´t it be like that here in Finland..


We actually won the music quiz and we all had 9 € gift cards. Of course we ordered something to eat but I wasn´t too happy with my tapas snacks plate. First of all, we had to wait our orders 45 minutes even though there was like 5 customers besides us and our orders wasn´t that big orders.. I´m really strict when it comes to good food! 😀

food if you like to call it that

I think we have a great group with great ideas for our next nine meetings!

I will publish my next blog next week when we next meet up for some sauna and ice lake swimming (avanto in finnish)! Stay tuned..

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