Pyynikki observation tower café

Since our firs two meetings were more about Spanish, we decided it was time to focus on Finnish. Well, we did go over days of the week in Spanish just to remind ourselves:

Lunes – Monday

Martes – Tuesday (I always mix this one up with Lunes)

Miércoles – Wednesday

Jueves – Thursday

Viernes – Friday

Sábado – Saturday

Domingo – Sunday

There was plenty to see in the café; art on the walls, t-shirts (with funny phrases printed on them) hanging in front of a bay window, lots of people and, of course, one of the best views in Tampere. We enjoyed munkki and coffee and talked about our favourite things (in Finnish) and how to conjugate nouns with verb “pitää/tykätä” – to like.

Me gusta la música. – Minä pidän musiikista.

Me gusta el arte. – Minä pidän taiteesta.

¿Te gusta la música? – Pidätkö sinä musiikista?

In English and Spanish you like something – se gusta algo. In Finnish you like “about” something, which can be confusing.


Another meaning for verb “pitää” is to keep as seen on the t-shirts: “Munkki päivässä pitää nutturan löysällä”, “Munkki päivässä pitää kurvit kuosissa”, “Munkki päivässä pitää elämän reilassa” and “Munkki päivässä pitää pyllyn pyöreänä”. Translating idioms like these was not so simple after all. I wish I had bought some munkki to go as well to keep my hair bun loose. 🙂

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