The ninth meeting

The ninth time we met in Merituuli home, I took traditional Chinese spring roll to share with her. We ate together and she teach me some finnish . then we played cards in Finnish way.
Last week I went to Lapland for travel, so I shares the cherish experience with her . I saw reindeers and husky and went to santa claus village and took photo with santa claus. I also bought the famous knife is interesting that finnish guys are enjoy the trip to Lapland.
Then I said something about spring roll to Merituuli. Spring rolls are savoury rolls with cabbage and other vegetable fillings inside a wrapped cylinder shaped thin pastry. From areas such as Zhejiang in eastern China, and northern China. They are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in mainland China, Meat varieties, particularly pork are also popular. Fried spring rolls are generally small and crisp. I bought the spring festival in Asian market and fried them in pan. Merituuli said they are tasty
Then I learned some finnish .

It is ok —–EI se mitään
I am so sorry—-olen pahoillani
Some word in hospital
I have had fever for two days—Minulla on ollut kuumetta
Kaksi päivää
I have a stomachache— Minulla on vatsa kipeä
I have back pain— Minulla on selkä kipeä
I have a headache—- Minulla on pää kipeä
I need to vomit—-Minun täytyy oksentaa
I need painkillels—minä tarvitsen särkylääkettä


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