De sobremesa – 2nd meeting

Rice Cake in the asian market

This time we met in the city center to go to the asian market. There, Boryeong and Dahye show me some Korean food and explained me some things about Korean cooking. After that we continued shoping on a K-Market and there I found some chorizo (spanish tipical meat) and told them about some Spanish food. When we finnished, we went to Lydl and continued talking about food; they told me that there are some Korean words related to food that are the same as in english, “orange”, “cheese” and “tomato”, for example.

Some Korean noodles we had for dinner

Then, we went to Lapinkaari and I helped them cook Tteokbokki (rice cake with vegetables and spicy sauce) and some noodles and while we were having dinner we carried on talking about typical food of our countries. After that, some people came to have dinner so we went off topic and talked with the people about their countries and food. Later, Dahye brought a travel guide of Spain because she wants to do a trip around Europe, so I explained them the interesting places they could visit in my country and also some traditions. Lastly, I told them about “sobremesa”, it’s an spanish word that doesn’t have translation that means the conversation people have in the table after having lunch or dinner, we ourselves were having “sobremesa”. They also told me about a Korean word without translation: “시원섭섭  하다”, the mix of happy and nostalgic feelings when you finish an stage of your life like school, university or even a relationship.

The Tteokbokki (떡볶이) was really good (quite spicy also…)

Like the first time, we did our meeting longer than expected (7 hours this time…) but it was really funny and interesting, because we did different things and talked about diverse topics. In the dinner we also talked with some people about good (and cheap) restauants in Tampere so now we have a lot of ideas for our next meeting!

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