The first meeting

I’m Dahye Hong from South Korea. I’m in team with Boryeong Kim from South Korea and Aitor Alvarez from Spain.

We have known each other already, so we could make a team quite easily. We can have a meeting in Lapinkaari’s common kitchen because all of us live in same accommodation. Also we can easily organize a sort of small meeting like cooking something or having a tee time together. I think these things is really good advantage for our team.

Even though we talked about process method of our class or some activities many times before, our official meeting was made a few days ago. Actually I’m too late because I was swamped by lots of things to do these days.

First class proceeded by learning letters, greeting, basic sentences and number of each other’s language. I felt that these things are quite easy because letters of Spanish is similar to English, But I was afraid that he might have difficulties to learn Korean alphabet because It is totally different from any language. But he was really proficient in writing and speaking Korean alphabet. He said he learned by himself before our meeting. I was so impressed by his eager, so I made some material to help him study korean more easily. Intent upon our meeting, we lost track of time.

After first meeting, I could realize something to improve for our learning. At first, It will be better if we prepare some materials for class in advance. And It will be helpful to learn some more practical expressions. From next meeting, we will take some more pictures and also videos!


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