The first meeting with Emmiina

When we had a pre-meeting in Orientation, I and Emmiina was talking about  how can we teach our languages each other and what we can do together.
First of all we decided to go a cafe to arrange our further meetings.

and we were discussing more about venue of the first meeting in whatsapp and I said her that I want to go second hand shop in here.

One day Emmiina sent me a message that she has a good cafe next to nice second hand shop 🙂 It sounds like perfect! and It was!

I liked that shop and cafe :0 The shop was so lovely. Also cafe’s owner was so kind and cakes and tea became absolutely my favourites !

We started to teach own language each other and we were so excited!!

Even we studied and kept talking until the cafe is almost closed haha

Emmiina understood very well about how to combine Korean alphabets together and pronunciation was quite clear ^^*

She was eagle to study Korean cause she’s going to Korea as an exchange student next year ! So It’s very nice that we are each one teach one mates 🙂

I’m taking Basics of Finnish to learn Finnish language in TAMk but I have missed many classes since I had an intensive lab course So we used materials from the class. I also learnt many Finnish sentences that I was wondering.  The pronunciation of Finnish  and different Alphabet  were quite difficult for me. However Emmiina was such a patient teacher so we have done our class very well >.<

We decided that our next meeting is going to be Korean cooking class:)

Emmiina already has been to Korea before so she decided the menu as Kimbab and Kimchi 🙂

I’m so looking forward to next meeting! XOXOIMG_6131 IMG_8159 IMG_8160


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