The second meeting with Emmiina

Before we start to cook Korean food We needed to buy ingredients. I went to the Asian market first to buy some stuff for Kimchi and Kimbab. However making kimchi is not that easy in foreign country  so It was hard to get all ingredients. but we tried to get substitutes. but It was quite interesting to find them 🙂 After we finished doing shopping, we went to Emmiina’s home together

It was so lovely house and she had so many tools and spices in her kitchen. So it was no matter that we have no enough ingredients.

First of all we started to cook rice and then prepared fillings of Kimbab. She was super excited to make Korean food and made a note for recipe 🙂

We had fun when we are cooking and it went very well ! no any problems! Also the fact that Emmiina has a tool for kimbab was amazing haha

We made Kimbab perfectly and started to make Kimchi! I made Kimchi sauce and we put sauce on to the white cabbage

during we are waiting for her boyfriend we studied numbers each other

and Korean currency

After her boyfriend came we start to eat and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!absolutely same as home sweet home >.<

Also he already know Korean food and he said Korean bbq is the best and he loves Kimchi

So everyone was happy with everything 🙂

and I drew them   on the sketchbook 😉 it was so great time! also She gave me a birthday present!!!!!So sweet Thanks  a lot so beautiful!!bbb





IMG_8121 IMG_8108 IMG_8107 IMG_8105 IMG_8104 IMG_8102 IMG_8099IMG_8135

Next meeting is going to Pyynikkii  tower and having DONUTS!><

Looking forward to next meeting as well~~~~

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