Second Meeting

I had my second meeting with Saki on the 6th of February. We went to a Cafe which name I have unfortunatelly forgotten and were staying there the whole afternoon.

We talked about a lot of things, for example summer festivals in Japan and the traditional clothes you are wearing when you go there. It´s common to wear a Yukata, a garment similar to a Kimono, only with lighter fabric, especially made for summer. On those festivals you can also watch amazing fireworks in the evening, eat a lot of tasty food, catch goldfishes, play booth games and much more. Hopefully I will be able to visit one of those festivals someday. ^-^

Saki asked me about the german carnival (Fasching) and I told her a lot about how people celebrate it. Every year there are big parades in every city of Germany. People dress up in funny costumes, drink a lot of alcohol, and dance and sing to special carnival music. You can also eat a lot of candy there since the people on the parade wagons throw it into the crowd. For me this is probably the only thing I like about Fasching.

I also got a notebook from Saki, where she has written down some phrases and vocabulary in japanese and also all the Hiragana and Katakana. I was really happy about that and use the notebook now for learning.

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