Second meeting in Kauppahalli

I met with the Dutch girls for the second time on Fri 19th of February in Tampere market hall, Kauppahalli. We had some coffee and pulla in a cafe, and walked around to see the different little shops and restaurants. We discussed the girls’ trip to Lapland the previous week, all the things they had had a chance to do! I had my Dutch boyfriend with me who also wanted to meet with the girls. Tess and Lisanne were interested about a Dutch person who has moved to Tampere for real, had learned to speak Finnish fluently and they exchanged experiences. I also listened when they all talked Dutch a little and it was nice 🙂 It’s good for me to get to listen to some Dutch discussions and try and keep following.  We also went to have some mustamakkara for lunch and made the girls try it. I think it was not their favourite dish, but it was interesting to show it to them because in my opinion it is the most local thing you can eat in Tampere so you have to try at least a piece! 😉

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