Third meeting ‘Laura’s place’

Today we went to Laura’s places to make some salmon soup. We prepared it together and I learned Laura some dutch words what she can use in the kitchen. Tess and I also learned some Finnish words to say hello to people, also we learned counting!

After dinner we had a dessert of frozen berries with yoghurt and cream, Laura’s boyfriend played guitar. That was a very nice moment that I realized that I was here without my family and that I am very proud of myself to do this trip on my own.

The next time we planned to go cross country skiing and we also figured out what we can do for the fifth time (we will watch a typical Dutch movie with some sweets).

I am looking forward because I love sweets but also doing some sports.12787321_1064926040224551_1926902557_o

2 thoughts on “Third meeting ‘Laura’s place’

    1. Some examples:

      Hyvää Huomanta- Goodmorning
      Hyvää Päivää- Good afternoon
      kiitos- Thankyou
      Ale Hyvää- your welcome

      nolla- zero
      yksi- one
      kaksi- two
      kolme- three
      neljä- four
      viisi- five
      kuusi- six
      seitsemän- seven
      kahdeksan- eight
      yhdeksän- nine
      kymmenen- ten

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