Finnish food

Yesterday was our third meeting for the course each one teach one. Lisanne and I went to Laura’s home in the evening. We made a Finnish dish; a really delicious fish soup with salmon. The boyfriend of Laura made a home made bread, the combination of this two was really good!!

Laura learned us some Finnish useful words/sentences and we learned Laura some Dutch words and the alphabet during the cooking of the soup. We wrote it on a paper, so that we can take a look at it when we are at home. The first times we didn’t do that, but it is very useful to have it by yourself.

Laura made a very nice dessert and we ate it in the living room, while Laura’s boyfriend played guitar and a traditional Finnish instrument. We tried to play on the traditional Finnish instrument, what was really nice!

We will meet in the holiday week and do some cross country skiing! I am looking forward for the next meeting!

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  1. I agree – it’s very useful to take some notes. What’s more, you could take a photo of that and share it with all the others! Try that next time 🙂

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