Second meeting with Iva

Iva and I went to sky bar cafe which name is ‘moro’. Because of my two weeks pf vacation, It’s been a long time. We order cider and coffe. It was nice view. Anyway, she wants to know Korean. She drew out notebook and pen from her bag. I was really happy to start teaching her Korean!!!!!!!!!!! First, I tought how to write ‘건배’ which learned two weeks ago. Just at that moment, I realized that before teaching ‘words’ I have to teach Iva about consonant and vowel of Korean! hahahahahahahahaha my mistake
She tried really hard to learn Korean and acquired well!! Her application ability of language was awesome. After that, she also tought me her nation’s language, Bulgarian. Actually, I really afraid of learning that language. Because It looks sooooooooo hard and complicated that even look like a pictogram hahaha. But Iva was a goooood teacher as well as a good student. She tought Bulgarian proficiently. So I tought a monent that ‘Was she a Bulgarian instructor’? hahahah. After a very intense and beautiful time, we said some words in Bulgarian and Korean. It was really funny hahahahahahah. But I’m afraid I can’t memorize that Because I’m a short-memoried person. But I’ll just keep learning I hope Iva also think like me.image

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