Fourth meeting and sobremesa

Today we decided to cook and have lunch together, but we did not prepare German or Spanish food, in fact it was some Korean curry. But I already cooked her “tortilla de patata” (potato omelette) some weeks ago. So we talked about how we see other cultures and we mentioned some dishes we miss from our countries. Next time we are going to be cooking again! She told me we could eat some German pancakes, I’ve never tried pancakes before.

After lunch we talked broadly about Spain and Germany, but mainly about different languages. I explained to Lynn that Spain has many different languages and I showed her where you can hear them with a map. I also tried to depict some of the dialects that you can hear in Spain. But most importantly I taught her what is the most important thing for the Basques; kalimotxo, a drink made out of wine and coke.


Before the meeting ended I had already figured out what I would show Lynn in the next meeting, and I already have the material. It’s a Spanish TV series called “El ministerio del tiempo” and it’s about a secret Ministry that wants to preserve Spanish history as it is, with its good and bad things. I think it would be interesting because that way she can hear some Spanish while she learns culture and history.

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