Meeting in grocery store Lidl – fifth meeting

We met in grocery store Lidl with Qian before Christmas. Qian wanted to know more what things are really sold in Lidl and what all the Finnish names of things and food means. It was really  fun and useful for me also to brush up the names of  groceries in English. I noticed that we have some words in Finnish that we can’t even translate into English, such as “terttutomaatti” and “kirsikkatomaatti”.  So here is now the words we learned at Lidl.

Beef-Pihvi        Chicken-Kana    Cow Mince- Naudan jauheliha

Pork-Sika         Cow-Nauta

Fish-Kala          Salmon-Lohi

Milk-Maito       Juice-Mehu

Salt-Suola        Pepper-Pippuri

Apple-Omena    Grape-Viinirypäle

Tomate-Tomaatti         Little tomatoes-kirsikkatomaatti

Many tomatoes together-Terttutomaatti    Cucumber-Kurkku

Plum-Luumu       Pear-Päärynä

Mint-Minttu        Liquorice-Lakritsi

Pumpkin-Kurpitsa       Ginger-Inkivääri

Eggplant-Munakoiso      Onion-Sipuli

Garlic-valkosipuli        Broccoli-Parsakaali

Cauliflower-Kukkakaali     Gabbage-Kiinankaali

Kiwi-Kiivi         Lemon-Sitruuna

Lime-Lime            Mango-Mango


Shampoo-Shampoo     Hair  Conditioner-Hiusten hoitoaine

Tooth paste-Hammastahna

At the store we went through these words together so that I said the Finnish word first and then Qian repeated it couple times after me. She pronounced them very well, I think! 🙂

This was different but  funny way to teach Finnish!

-Merituuli Lehtimaa

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