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The eighth meeting

Last week we met Merituuli in her home. She teach me how to mke Laskiaispulla and teach me some finnish.
Laskiaispulla is also called Swedish-Finnish semla. It consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off, and is then filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with powdered sugar. In Finland, the bread is often filled with strawberry or raspberry jam instead of almond paste, and bakeries in Finland usually offer both versions.
We first used liquid cream and stirring to make cream, and put inside between the is very easy to make it and it is taste.
After eating, I learned some daily finnish,
There is a reindeer——Tualla on poro
There are many reindeer—Tualla on monta poroa
Santa claus—soulupukki
I go to Lapland—-minä menen lappiin
I’m in lapland
Olen lapissa
Greeting from Lapland—-Teweisiä lapista
I love you —Minä rakastan sinna

i enjoy the time spending with Merituuli, it really happy.

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Second meeting: grocery store

Today Eunhye, Mi Hyeon and me went to a grocery store to buy all the ingredients for our fist cooking session on Wednesday. At these meeting we’ll cook a typical Austrian meal. So we spent a lot of time in the grocery store looking for the necessary ingredients. During that I taught them the words in German:

onion = Zwiebel
cheese = Käse
garlic = Knoblauch
flour = Mehl
eggs = Eier
salad = Salat
oil = Öl
vinegar = Essig
apple = Apfel
dough = Teig
sugar = Zucker
grapes = Weintrauben
cinnamon = Zimt

So you can guess what we are going to cook on Wednesday.

1st meeting; Finland, France, Germany


We finally had our first meeting last wednesday. We met at Keskustori and went to Pyynikin munkkikahvila. We were supposed to have a group of six students but only three of us came. So there were only a french, a german and a finn but we had nice meeting anyways.

Because it was only our first meeting we didn’t have anything planned. We just got to know each other and made some plans for the Each one teach one course. We came up with some cool ideas what to do in the meeting and of course the foreigners got to try Munkki which I think is the best thing around this city.

I’m really excited about the meetings ahead and finally getting this course going and maybe having some pictures to add here in the future.



We went to Kauppahalli during our second meeting. Laura’s boyfriend was there as well. That was nice, because her boyfriend is from the Netherlands and lives now for six years in Finland. We tried to do not speak in Dutch, because I want to improve my English and Finnish skills!

First a walk through Kauppahalli. It was not my first time there, but now with Laura and her boyfriend was more interesting, because they know more about the typical Finnish food. We decided to drink something and Lisanne and I bought a Finnish snack. It was like a pulla (cinnamon bun) but now with a kind of jam inside, very delicious…


We continue our walk through Kauppahalli after the drink and eat break. Laura told us more about the different stores and products. She learned us the names of some products in Finnish and we learned her the names of some products in Dutch. Nice to see that some vegetables come from the Netherlands!

Laura’s boyfriend wanted to eat a typical Finnish (Tampere) dish: ‘Mustamakkara’ (black sausage). First I was afraid to try this… It is made with meat, grains and blood… But I am here now, in Tampere, and I want to know more about the Finnish culture, so I have to try this. So I tried a small piece inclusive the jam that Fins using in many meals. It was okay, not so bad! But the idea that you eat blood is for me very strange.


It was a nice meeting and I learned some Finnish words and dishes!

Pyynikki observation tower café

Since our firs two meetings were more about Spanish, we decided it was time to focus on Finnish. Well, we did go over days of the week in Spanish just to remind ourselves:

Lunes – Monday

Martes – Tuesday (I always mix this one up with Lunes)

Miércoles – Wednesday

Jueves – Thursday

Viernes – Friday

Sábado – Saturday

Domingo – Sunday

There was plenty to see in the café; art on the walls, t-shirts (with funny phrases printed on them) hanging in front of a bay window, lots of people and, of course, one of the best views in Tampere. We enjoyed munkki and coffee and talked about our favourite things (in Finnish) and how to conjugate nouns with verb “pitää/tykätä” – to like.

Me gusta la música. – Minä pidän musiikista.

Me gusta el arte. – Minä pidän taiteesta.

¿Te gusta la música? – Pidätkö sinä musiikista?

In English and Spanish you like something – se gusta algo. In Finnish you like “about” something, which can be confusing.


Another meaning for verb “pitää” is to keep as seen on the t-shirts: “Munkki päivässä pitää nutturan löysällä”, “Munkki päivässä pitää kurvit kuosissa”, “Munkki päivässä pitää elämän reilassa” and “Munkki päivässä pitää pyllyn pyöreänä”. Translating idioms like these was not so simple after all. I wish I had bought some munkki to go as well to keep my hair bun loose. 🙂

Third meeting with Europanda


Today we focused on German and I learned some useful sentences I could use as a tourist in Germany, even though I would not understand the answers to this in German. These are some of the sentences:

Some Bavarian, Rammstein and our friend Europanda, who Lynn came up with in our Geography talk.
Some Bavarian, Rammstein and our friend Europanda, who Lynn came up with in our Geography talk.
  • Wie komme ich von A nach B?
    • How can I go from A to B?
  • Wie viel kostat das?
    • How much does this cost?

I also learned how to be polite in German. Some Spanish people say they are surprised when they go to Germany because everyone, and the language itself, is so polite. But I think it’s just common courtesy and I find it nice that Germans have it.

Lynn also taught me some Bavarian greetings and a word I could use to confuse non-Bavarian Germans.

We also talked about Eurovision, Geography and some History. And I told her to listen to Rammstein’s “Te Quiero Puta” that’s in Spanish.



Fist group meeting

Hello people!

So we met with Zsofia from Hungary, Olivia from Switzerland and Hanna from Finland at the central square Public Corner to play some music quiz and getting to know each other. Unfortunately our newest member Anni couldn´t make it since she had the flu.

Olivia and music quiz

Olivia is teaching us German, which is kind of funny for me, since I don´t know any German. Well I know “Ich weiß nicht” – which I sometimes use with a funny voice. But I´m happy if I learn even something! Well I learned some numbers in German. JEI!  

Zsofia again is “teaching” us some Hungarian. Yes. That is an interesting language.. It´s even harder that Finnish! But it´s fun when she says some things in Hungarian. Maybe I don´t have high expectations in that language… Sorry Zsofia! 😀 But I will try those swear words at some point..

Most interesting part of our date was the part when we were talking about what´s the price level in Switzerland and Hungary. Switzerland is very expensive place to live in and Hungary.. Well that´s a paradise! You can have a bottle of wine in a restaurant for 10 € and foods don´t cost a thing. Why can´t it be like that here in Finland..


We actually won the music quiz and we all had 9 € gift cards. Of course we ordered something to eat but I wasn´t too happy with my tapas snacks plate. First of all, we had to wait our orders 45 minutes even though there was like 5 customers besides us and our orders wasn´t that big orders.. I´m really strict when it comes to good food! 😀

food if you like to call it that

I think we have a great group with great ideas for our next nine meetings!

I will publish my next blog next week when we next meet up for some sauna and ice lake swimming (avanto in finnish)! Stay tuned..

Meeting in Pyynikin näkötorni

Our third meeting was a little bit different than previous. We met in Pyynikin näkötorni. This was a nice place to visit, because I have so many times, that I have been there before. Today was a nice weather, sun shining and in outside was snow. We took in munkkikahvila traditional munkki (noughnut) and coffee or chocolate.

Today was the day of teaching finnish. We talked quite much finnish together, because Isa know quite much finnish words. We talked for example about cafe words and music. There was in cafe’s wall different boards, which we discuss something, for example how these could be made..actually Isa and Suvi talked the most, because I can say that I don’t know any art things.

Time goes so fast, also today. Was nice to spend time with these girls. 🙂


Munkki and chocolate                                                                        Pyynikin näkötorni

First meeting at Pella’s

Hello, I’m Tess de Boer from the Netherlands and I’m in a group with Laura from Finland and Lisanne from the Netherlands. Our first meeting was 1,5 week ago. I’m a little bit late with writing the blog… But I was very busy and went last week to Lapland.

We met at Pella’s cafe in the centre of Tampere at the first meeting. This is a nice cafe where you can have a coffee, tea, sweets and lunch. We decided to talk about our preliminary plan and our plans/goals for this course while enjoying a coffee and a typical Finnish snack. I want to learn more about the Finnish culture and want to use my knowledge from the Basics of Finnish course during the meetings. We will learn each other our cultures and languages during fun activities. We talked about the activities we want to do during the other meetings. We will cook Finnish and Dutch dishes, watch a Finnish and Dutch movie, going to the Kauppahalli and langlaufen on the frozen lake.

We talked about our countries. Laura went to the Netherlands last year. She told about the places where she has been. Laura told us that she has watched a Dutch serie with her boyfriend. She liked the serie very much, only she couldn’t remember the name of the serie. We found out that is was Penoza, my favorite serie in the Netherlands!! It is funny and nice to hear that a Finnish girl knows and likes this serie!

Our next meeting is this friday. We will go to the Kauppahalli. I’m very curious and I will make some photos to add on my blog.

2nd meeting at Kahvilla

For our second meeting on Thursday Feb 11th we went to Ravintola Kahvilla. Kahvilla is a nice, calm place with soothing atmosphere and tasty food. A good place to meet.

We started with snacks, drinks and chatting. Isa had printed handouts about numbers, ordinal numbers, days of the week, moths, colours and much more in Spanish to give us. So great! At this meeting we studied numbers and months. We also learned how to say what day it is and when we were born.

Last time we agreed to check out some Finnish and Spanish lyrics for this meeting.  I had chosen a Shakira song “Estoy Aqui” and found it way too hard for me to understand. No worries, we saw all the lyrics through and translated unfamiliar phrases and terms.

Again, it was a good meeting with the girls and time passed fast.

Until next week!