Cooking Korean food

Our second meeting, we cooked Korean food! We started with grocery store shopping, then we went to my home and began to cook! We made kimbap(Korean sushi) and kimchi. It was really fun and interesting! Jisoo taught me how to cook rice properly and I also learned the real way of making kimchi. Even though we didn’t have all the ingredients, it turned out really nice.
korean food
We also had time to study. I learned Korean numbers.
From one to ten: il, e, sam, sa, u, yoog, chil, pal, gu, sib!
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand: bag, chun, man.

And some sentences:
Sa lang he! -I love you.
Po ko sipu/siputsu! I miss/missed you.

Jisoo had birthdays earlier so we celebrated that as well. I learned how to wish happy birthday in Korean.
Saeng il chuck ha hae yo!

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  1. You are whetting my appetite for Korean food. The language seems quite challenging. – Taru

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