1st Meeting

So, me and my group have only been able to meet up once so far. Me and Nelli are teaching finnish to Mattes and Florian and they are teaching us german. Our first meeting was held on the 23rd of February. We decided to go to Vohvelikahvila, which in my opinion is one the nicest cafes in Tampere. We went to the original one, next to Pikkukakkosen puisto, which is a park in the centre.

Since this was the first meeting we didn’t go straight to business and start doing some serious studying. We discussed different topics related to this course. We also planned that we would go to my family’s cottage in Ruovesi next month in april. Really looking forward to that!

We have decided to cook together this week, most likely at my home, since I live with my parents so there is plenty of space. Hopefully we can make something german and something finnish. Also we are going to go through some basic phrases in finnish and german.

  • Yasmin Rowe



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