1st meeting

Our first meeting took place on the 8th of March. We sat together and brainstormed about our learning goals and objectives. The meeting contended of Jannik teaching and showing different conjugations of the German words: sollen, wollen, können, müssen, werden, sein and würden. Peter already has knowledge about the German language and we both thought that these words will help him to improve his communication skills. On the other hand Peter introduced Jannik to some basics of the Finnish language, which can be very useful in the daily life. Examples of these words are:

Hei!/Moi!/Terve!/Moro!             Hello!

Huomenta. / Hyvää huomenta. Good morning.

Päivää. / Hyvää päivää.               Good day.

Iltaa. / Hyvää iltaa.                       Good evening.

Hyvää yötä.                                    Good night.

Näkemiin.                                       Goodbye.

Hei hei.                                           Bye bye.

Nähdään.                                        See you.

Mitä kuuluu?                                 How are you?

Kiitos hyvää.                                  Fine, thanks.

Ole hyvä.                                         Here you are.

Kiitos.                                              Thank you.

Anteeksi.                                         Sorry.

Ei se mitään.                                   It´s okay. / Never mind.

Anteeksi, että olen myöhässä.   Sorry, I´m late.

Hauska tavata.                              Nice to meet you.

Tervetuloa!                                    Welcome!

Hyvää ruokahalua!                       Enjoy your meal.

Hyvää matkaa!                              Have a nice trip.

Hyvää viikonloppua!                    Have a nice weekend.

Kiitos samoin.                                Thanks, the same to you


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