Second meeting Thursday 18.2

And this is why you should always write diaries right away, especially if you have a bad memory about things that happened week or two ago(and have hard time writing diaries(or writing anything in general :’D))…  Well, anyway, second meeting was held at Tiia’s place. I don’t remember much anymore about this meeting, besides that Tiia had a paper from her Russian course that had basic phrases both in Finnish and Russian so we were going through those that day.  I did have to leave little early because of school work(but hey, I did arrive little early too!).. Oh and she had same Russian textbook I had in high school, so that brought up memories and that book was helpful with relearning Russian. Well, two more diaries until I have caught up. Hopefully after that these diaries will have more to them. I do remember being really tired at days we had second and third meeting, so that probably doesn’t help with my problem of “I can’t remember what subject we were talking about”…

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