Fourth meeting: making Karelian pies

Yesterday we had our fourth meeting at Elisa’s place. The plan was to make traditional Finnish pastys, Karelian pies, with egg-butter as well as some pancake. As it is, we made the rye dough needed for the rye crust. Elisa had prepared some rice porridge beforehand to save time. The pies turned out to be delicious. We all had our unique touch and the maker of each Karelian pie was recognizable! 🙂


We told Nghi something about the Finnish cuisine and eating habits. We think that many (traditional) Finnish dishes are made of ingredients that can usually be found at almost every household. We also mentioned that the Finnish people have even used some part of the pine tree to get more flour to make bread (pettuleipä) decades ago when times have been especially hard and there has been a lack of food.

We told  that a basic Finnish meal usually consists of potato/rice/pasta, meat/fish and vegetables/salad. When she wanted to know what we have for special occasions, we told her that there usually is some sort of sweet cake at least, but that there often are both salty pasties or snacks and sweet pastries. When Nghi asked, if we have any vegetables, we told her that when it comes to celebration or parties, the health aspect is not that important. Even though I would say that we Finns use vegetables and light ingredients in cooking as well, I have a feeling that Vietnamese people in general may eat healthier than we do.

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