2nd meeting

Second meeting. Pronunciation :/

Today we meet at Shana’s place. She teaches me the most important words and sentences in Dutch. For example how to greet people, how to apologies, the days of week and so on. Pronunciation still seems horrible, but I try to repeat after Shana At the end of the lesson Shana decide to translate small dialogs from English to Dutch, using new words. It was really interesting!

This time I decided to start with casual dialogues, you can hear everywhere on Finland. I made those dialogues in English, so Shana could try to translate them into Finnish herself, at the same time I could explain her more about grammar and Finnish clichés. The most interesting thig for Shana was the word “Saisinko/ Saisko?”, so I tried to bring as much examples as I could to get her understand and start using this language construction in her daily vocabulary.

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