6th meeting

Greeting Easter, we made some bread “Rosinenzopf”. When I arrived at her flat she already made dough so as soon as I arrived, we could make bread. At first, with that dough we made ‘bunny bread’, Carina taught her way to make that and it was sooo cute. I think she is creative 😀

And then we made zopf. When I saw the picture of the bread before making, i wonder how to make that feature but it was pretty easy like braiding hair. During baking, I reviewed German numbers and learned some grammars. how to change verbs according to subjects. There are some irregularity so was a little difficult but was okay.

However the most difficult thing was ‘articles’. In English there are just a/an and the but in German it chages accoring to gender also. There are some rules to decide genders of nouns but maybe I should just memorize nouns with its article.

And the smells of bread and tastes were also reeeaaally great!  I really enjoyed it. Also Carina gave me a cholcolate which looks like bunny. What a cute chocolate! Thank you Carina~~

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