Easter Sunday

Our last meeting was on Easter Sunday. I invited Mi Hyeon to my flat to bake Easter Striezel together. It is made from a yeast dough with raisins. It’s very common to eat that at Easter time in Austria. I’ve already prepared the dough before Mi Hyeon arrived because the dough needs about two hours to rise the volume.

After baking we started to continue counting in German and Korean. Mi Hyeon remembered almost every number, she’s a really good student 😉 So I decided to start introducing her to German grammar, which is quite difficult. We tried to form some easy sentences which brought us to articles. I didn’t know if there are rules for gendering because native speakers know mostly intuitively the article for the noun. So I started to read a bit about the grammar in German and figured out that there are a few rules but mostly you have to memorize the article. Therefore I taught Mi Hyeon some verbs and nouns including the article.

We spend a lot of time with baking, eating and studying German so we decided to focus on Korean at our next meeting. I’m looking forward to it.

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