Greetings from Budapest!

It has been about one month since I have arrived to Budapest. The first weeks were little bit stressful and hectic. After first few weeks I have been started to enjoy everyday more and more about Hungary. Actually Budapest is amazing and beautiful city. I like this city because feeling is little bit mystic here and you can see rough places everywhere. Everyday you can find a new low-cost restaurant and enjoy delicious food. Getting around is easy by public trams and metros. You can find here also large parks where you can enjoy the spring.

I have been worked in two different hospitals here. The first one was The Defence Forces hospital and the second one was the National Institute For Medical Rehab. The patients have been mainly the spinal cord injured or they have fractures below the hips. Hospitals are clean and modern. Aids are little bit older than Finland but safe for patients.






I spend my freetime with friends from other cultures and sometimes I have to do some school works. The best thing is that here is a lot of exchange students and I have met students for example from Greece, Turkey and Italy.  In April we will have 3 days trip to Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. It will be cool. Keep in touch!


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