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Korean lunch and German alphabet

Last meeting we had an Austrian cuisine and this 4th meeting, we had a Korean food.

Me and Eunhye tried to make delicious Korean food but we were not good at cook and especially 호떡(Ho dduk, one of Korean desserts)  it was my first time to make. So I was sorry for Carina that I didn’t make perfect food.

Anyway we had a Korean food time for lunch and then Carina taught us German alphabet. We could learned it through alphabet song and some alphabets were different from English alphabet in pronuncitaion, so it was hard.

But we kept practicing and recorded it! It was exciting!!! So sometimes I listened German alphabet song on the bed before sleep ^0^

I want to meet with girls ASAP

Watching spanish tv show – 6th meeting

We had been talking about tv shows from our countries for some time and for our next meeting we decided to watch one of them. So, I took a projector from my university, we went to the Tv room of our residence on saturday and we watched the first chapter of “el Ministerio del Tiempo”, a spanish tv show that I like (with english subtitles, of course) with some friends also. I thought it would be interesting for Boryeong and Dahye, not just to get more used to real-time spanish but to have some references of our culture and make an idea of the style of the television in Spain.

We enjoyed it a lot (we even had some popcorns)

We realised that it was quite complicated to follow, because they talked fast, but even though, “my students” were able to catch a lot of words that they learned in our meetings, like “si” (yes), “por favor” (please), “¿que tal?” (how are you?) and a lot more, I was quite proud actually.

The cover of the show “el Ministerio del Tiempo”

When we finished, we also spoke about a Korean famous comedy show that we should watch maybe on another meeting. Tv shows are my area of study so I’m really interested on seeing how tv is done in Korea (actually I have started watching a famous Korean drama on my own).

10th meeting

The last meeting

For the last meeting I did not plan anyting, I decided to talk with Sana in Finnish (helping her to find right words). We were talking about plans for the future. Also we checked exercises I ‘d done during our Each one teach on work. Working with Shana was very interesting and new experience, i hope things i teach her are useful, cause i learnt a lot.  It seems that she improve her Finnish a lot! She is already able to have a small talk and to explain in easy way her thoughts and feelings! I am very proud of her and hope we will meet each other again and again 🙂

9th meeting

Ninth meeting.

Today Shana told me about the Netherlands. I was in Holland as a student 6 years ago, but today i learnt some new very interesting points about the country. In this way i learnt also some new words and expression and feel like a real tourist (<_<)

In the end we went through the main Finnish holidays and the ways to celebrate them. I promised Sana to impress her and show Finnish VAPPU this spring J Shana is very interesting in learning Finnish and to assimilate in Finland, so working with her make me crazy to bring as much information about Finland as possible, I wish we had more time for that!

8 th meeting

Eight meeting. News

Today Shanna surprised me, she was sure that i improved my Dutch skills that much, that I am able to read easy news articles. Sooo.. I find out that i understand something :O Of course Shana helped me with translation, but more important that i got confidence that i already know something. And it is AWSOME!!! Thanks Shana ^_^

This time I decided to teach Shana how to swear in Finnish. I find out that she already knows a lot of kirosanoja, so we focused on how to use and pronounce them correctly. It was the funnies meeting ever.

7th meetig

Seventh meeting. wow wow wow

Today we had really crazy meeting! Shana teached me so many things, that i silply dont remember anithing :/ Sooo, we went throught basic vocabulary for seasons, montj, weather and different expression about it.. Huh, I wish i could remember at least something…  I decided to learn as much as I can and impress Shana at the last meeting }:-)

Sports play an important role in Finniss culture, so this time we focused on different kinds of sports (jääkiekko, jalkapallo, koripallo…) Also we practiced in conjugating verbs and using them as well. In the end we decided to go to a hockey game and finally became Finns


Due to overload of school works using of Padlet became impossible but I am planning to fill it with new materials as soon as i have time

6th meeting

Sixth meeting. Nursing

Today Shana was so kind and teached me basic vocabulary of my future profession ^_^. She aslo told me how does nursing care in Belgium work, and we were discussing the differences of nursing policy between Belgium and Finland. This year i apply for Erasmus student exchange program and if i will be accept to the Netherlands I will feel better during training in the hospital

This time we focused on Finnish traditional food (mämmi, mustamakkara, kahvi J) Also we made a list of food and dishes, so now Shana is able not only to shap but also to make people to shop for her J

5th meeting

Fifth “meeting”. X-mass holidays

During X-mass holidays we had no opportunity to meat, so we decided to Skype. We went through casual dialogs (Dutch and Finnish) and basic vocabulary one more time. Shana explained me more grammar, and also about asking things in the shop, prices and of course numbers. So my next trip to Holland will be saver then before

4th meeting

Fourth meeting. Jingle bells

JOULU ON TULOSSA! Today we focused on Finnish X-mass. We read aloud and translate a small story (in Finnish) about X-mass gnomes, which help Joulu Pukki to organize X-mass celebrations. Before I bring the text to Shana I made a vocabulary list that she used during reading for understand it better. After we discuss the differences between Finnish and Belgium X-mass

Shana started new topic “Dutch verbs” and gave me a list of most useful verbs, I should learn to be able to converse about loving, liking and hobbies. Also Shana teaches me plural forms of words, she promised top send me exercises so I can practice them home.

3rd meeting

Third meeting. FOOOD

Today Shana chose food topic, She teach me different names of fruits, vegetables and other food, also how to say that I´m hungry or thirsty.  For the next meeting I´ll cook something Dutch using receipt in Dutch. Let´s see how i´ll get it

This time we skipped Finnish part, because of taught schedule L but I brought some books about “speaking Finnish” and Finnish slang, also I sent Shana some info in Padlet, so she can start with new topic home, and I’ll explain her difficult parts later.