Sixth meeting 1.5 Exhibition

So Diana invited us to INTAC(International Art Collaborations) Exhibition at Nykyaika. Apparently some of her friends at Mediapolis had their works up there? Anyway, it was photograph art exhibition with theme of “Desire” and… Well to be honest, I’m kind of anxious about crowds and that place was crowded with artsy looking folks. Never seen that many art student looking like people in same room before. Anyway, I couldn’t hear what we were talking about there for most part because of the noise. And I don’t have much of an opinion on exhibition itself as my taste in art is more into paintings and such.

Anyway, afterwards we went to bar next to the place. That was also pretty new experience for me as I don’t drink alcohol at all. We discussed terms related to exhibition and ordering stuff in bar in Russian/Finnish, but afterwards we mostly went through misc phrases and such.

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