8th meeting: Rare Exports

We had our eight meeting today. We watched the Finnish film Rare exports at Elisa’s place. It was the very first Finnish film that Nghi has ever seen and I thought it might have been a slight surprise for her…

I thought it was interesting to see the film with English subtitles because it made me pay more attention to the Finnish lines. I realized that our language is pretty rich even when an awful lot is not said! There were quite many swear words used in the movie, and the humor was somehow very Finnish. I feel that Elisa and I were laughing hard many times, but Nghi had a hard time understanding what we were laughing about.

We tried to explain some of the things related to the language or the phenomena in the film. But when I come to think of it, it might have been nice for Nghi if Elisa and I had made some notes about the film (while watching or even beforehand) and gone through these things with her after we had finished watching it. That way Nghi might have been able to learn more words and to better understand certain things that made us Finns laugh.

Maybe we should show Nghi another Finnish film at some point and put more effort into teaching her new words and phrases with the help of the movie. But at least I had a good time watching the film today!

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