10th and final meeting: Fazer café

This was our final meeting in Fazer café because Lisanne was already leaving the next day. In front of the cakes we were choosing long and hard what to take and finally chose delicious looking carrot cake. This meeting was not about language learning anymore, we didn’t write anything down. We were mostly discussing about our future plans, internships and graduation as well as job hunting. It was interesting to learn how similar political decisions and current debates we had in Finland and the Netherlands in terms of for example student financial support, study fees and employment situation in both countries. In both countries it also seems to be really common at the moment that the youth are not finding jobs very easily after graduation. This surprised me a little because knowing that the situation is bad in Finland, I have imagined The Netherlands being this oasis of recruiters and unfilled job positions just waiting for employees 😉 Joking a little, but the impression that I have gotten has truly been more rosy, but on the other hand I have not been discussing about the situation with anyone, just making observations. I felt like I was supposed to know these things already as I have a Dutch boyfriend but he is not the most knowledgeable about anything related to today’s social topics in his old home country after living in Finland for 6 years already.

We thought that the three months that we had these meetings went super fast and we couldn’t believe that it’s already over. Luckily I have already booked the tickets to The Netherlands in the summer so we can see if we have the chance to go for a cup of coffee in Amsterdam or somewhere if we can fit it in everyone’s schedule 🙂 I am so very glad that I got to know these girls and got to learn so many new things about the country I am visiting about twice a year and have strong connections to, but do not know it that deeply because I have never lived there. I have learnt a lot more! Therefore, tot ziens! Until next time!

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  1. It has been great reading your blog posts! And it was nice that you included a sort of a final reflection on the whole process. Hopefully you get to meet again in the summer in the Netherlands!

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