Tenth meeting : Finland, France, Germany

Today, we had our tenth and last meeting.

We met in Wayne’s Coffee and all have a drink together. I was a really nice moment, when everybody share his experience and his feeling about the several meeting we shared together. We talked also about our future come back in our own country, the semester will end in few days for a part of us and are going to come back home very soon.

I spent a really nice moment, and in a part of me I was sad to know that it was the last night because I really enjoyed discover new person, and listen to them talking about their culture, their country, their language. It was all the time a nice moment of sharing. I learn new words in finnish and german, even if I don’t remember all, I still have them on my notebook and maybe one day some of them could be useful for me.

I think I was lucky, because with all the french we had the chance to discover two cultures at the same time. At the begining, I wanted only to learn more about finnish culture because I was going to live here for 6 months and it was important to discover more about the country, the culture and more interesting to listen to a Finnish girl than to read a book or listen the television. but I’m also glad to had the chance to discover the German culture with Soumaya, which is now a friend for me. We spend lot of time together apart the meeting and even if we don’t talk especially about our culture, we discover the other one, and  think that the human wealth is also necesary in our life, and most necesary during an exchange.

It was a really nice experience, I enjoy it and I advice everybody to do it because you spend really nice moment with people from other culture.



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