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The first meeting

It was our first meeting. Eija came to my place and then we went to a city market to buy some tea and coffee, Finnish people really like coffee I think. And Eija taught me how to cook coffee. Eija taught me lots of Finnish words. I think it’s really difficult to learn the pronunciation, I just remember two words, coffee and chocolate, kahvi and suklaa It was so nice to have a new friend in a foreign country. I was really happy today.

tenth and last meeting

Today was our last meeting, time flies when you are having fun! We decided to go to Fazer cafe. During this meeting we talked more about our experience. We had a great time with each other and I learned a lot more about the Finnish Culture and language. Finland is a beautiful country with a very difficult language, but I past my exam so my mission is complete! I can have a very basic conversation in Finnish, so that is very nice.

Laura has a boyfriend from the Netherlands so we will meet again! It is not a good bye but a see you soon!

Kiitos for the great experience.

Hei hei!

ninth meeting

Normally I don’t like Fish but since I am in Finland I really start to like it! So this meeting we went to the Fish market in Tampere. I saw fish everywhere! I didn’t dare to try the whole fish with eyes so I only watched them how they were cooked. Later we ate something and we wrote some words to learn;

Kallamerkkinet, lohi, muikku, lautasliina.

The must important thing from each one teach one is; you learn each other things in the perfect environment, this makes is more fun to learn! IMG_6091

eight meeting

Today is pancake day! Delicious! I already made the pancakes during the course; Finnish cuisine. We made the pancake together and I learned the typical kitchen words in Finnish.

Jouhot= flower, leipoa= bake, sokeri= sugar, vispata= whisk, pannukakku= pancake, hunaja= honey, yyni= oven, muna= egg, maito= milk. These words were very handy for my Finnish exam, so I wrote them down and took the paper back home.

The pancake was very easy to make, but the words in Finnish are more difficult! You really  have to practice to learn these words. After the pancake we watch; Penoza (a dutch series). We watched it with Dutch subtitles and explain some words to Laura. It was a nice meeting, next time we will go to the fish market in Tampere!

seventh meeting

This day we decided to go to the Irish pub “o’connells”. We played some games and learned each other words like:

Lautapeli, Pubi, Sohva, Hullut Päivät, hermostunut, keskittyminen.

After the games we counted in Finnish: Nolla, yaks, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan etc. This was also a practice for my Finnish exam! Around 8 pm we went to to Stockmann to go to the Hullut Päivät (crazy days). Laura helped with some translations and we talked with each other.

We will make Finnish pancakes next time, looking forward to that meeting!IMG_5720

10th meeting: Fazer café


This was our 10th meeting, the last meeting for the course Each One Teach One… We planned this last meeting a little bit earlier, because Lisanne left earlier. We had a last coffee/tea meeting, inclusive a piece of carrot cake, at Fazer café. This was not really an educational meeting. We were just talking about our experiences during this course. We really liked this course. This is a nice way of meeting new people and share your languages/cultures. I really enjoyed this course. I learned some new Finnish words which I can add in my basis Finnish conversation. I also learned a lot about the Finnish culture and I have seen more places in Tampere. We cooked and enjoyed the delicious Finnish dishes. I achieved my goals and I am very happy with this experience. We were also talking about what we are going to do after this semester/school year. Laura is working on her thesis now and will graduate this summer. Lisanne and I will have our last year of our study.

The last 3-4 months went really fast. We learned a lot from each other and I am very happy to know this two girls! Laura is coming to the Netherlands in August, so hopefully we can arrange that we meet somewhere! I know more now about the language and culture of this beautiful country where I have lived for five months. Kiitos ja hauska tavata! Nähdään, Laura and Lisanne! 😀

10th meeting

Unfortunately the 10th meeting was our last meeting. As already mentioned we decided to go out together. My tutor invited us to a party in Hervanta. So we met there and talked a lot about our time and or experiences in Finland and that we’ll miss it a lot.
After that we took together with the whole group the bus to the city an we went to Ilona to a party called “Colours”. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for a long time outside.

Inside of Ilona we enjoyed good music and danced almost the whole night. It was an awesome night and we had a lot of fun. We took a lot of pictures so that we can always look back with pleasure to our time together.

Unfortunately this is my last blog. Therefore I want to say thanks to Mi Hyeon for being the best Korean teacher and I wish her all the best for her journey around Europe. Hopefully we can meet again anywhere in the world.

9th meeting

At this meeting we decided to go to Munkkikahvila at Keskustori. We talked about our last meetings and that we have already learned a lot. Therefore we decided to revise everything. I was really surprised because I kept all the numbers in my mind. However the basics of grammar in Korean were very hard for me.
I was really impressed about Mi Hyeon because she kept almost everything in her mind. Hopefully she is going to use her German know how when she is going to travel to Austria in May. Unfortunately we can’t meet there because I’ll be still in Finland at this time. We were also talking about our Finnish exam and that it is pretty hard to learn Finnish.

Unfortunately Mi Hyeon has to leave soon. Therefore we planned to go out at our last meeting. I couldn’t believe that we have only one meeting left and I’m really sad that Mi Hyeon is leaving Finland a few days after our last meeting.

8th meeting

For our 8th meeting we went to Pella’s Cafe at Hämeenkatu. First we talked about different topics like Mi Hyeons journey around Europe and our Finnish exam. After that we decided to continue with studying Korean and German. Since we have already the necessary knowledge about counting, we started to study how to say time in Korean and German. As counting in Korean, the time is pretty easy as well.

What time is it? = 지금 몇 시니?
It’s 7 o’clock. = (정각) 일곱시야
7:00 = 일곱시
7:15 = 일곱시 십오분
7:30 = 일곱시 삽십분
18:00 = 열 여덟시 or 오후 6시
18:20 = 오후 6시 20분
18:30 = 오후 6시 30분
A.M. = 오전 / P.M. = 오후

Thanks to Mi Hyeon I enjoyed this meeting like all the others a lot.

6th Chinese food

Chinese cuisine includes styles originating from the diverse regions of China , as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world including most Asian nations. The history of Chinese cuisine in China stretches back for thousands of years and has changed from period to period and in each region according to climate, imperial fashions, and local preferences. Over time, techniques and ingredients from the cuisines of other cultures were integrated into the cuisine of the Chinese people due both to imperial expansion and from the trade with nearby regions in pre-modern times, and from Europe and the New World in the modern period. In addition, dairy  is rarely—if ever—used in any recipes in the style.

Dumpling is a broad classification for a dish that consists of small pieces of dough, often wrapped around a filling . The dough can be based on  flours , and may be filled with meat and vegetables. And we choose the boiling dumpling.