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8th Meeting: Finnish movie Rare Exports

We had our eighth meeting at Elisa’s place to watch a movie. Elisa asked me to choose one of two movies that she had. I thought Santa Clause is one of the special features of Finland so I chose Rare Exports. Elisa and Tuulia had warned me before that I could be hard for me to understand Finnish jokes and this film is quite weird and a little dark for even Finns.


The film is about some reindeer farmers living in the Lapland area who discover the secret behind Santa Claus. Unlike the kind and generous Santa Claus as we all know, the one in the film is somehow bad and dangerous. To be honest, I don’t think I understood the film completely. But anyway, I did enjoy it and did have a good time, with a cup of tea and some popcorn, thanks to Elisa.

Tuulia and Elisa laughed a lot during the film, while I kept a poker and confused kid of face since I did not understand the reasons why they laughed. They told me that the English subtitle couldn’t translate the complete meaning of the Finnish dialogues in the film. They said that Finns love using swear words and they are very common used in the daily basis, I myself did learn some of them, so that in case catching them somewhere I can understand what people are saying. I think it very helpful J

I asked Tuulia and Elisa whether it is true that Finnish films usually contain not so much talking, since I found that Rare Exports had many periods of time without any conversations. They said it might be, that they hadn’t noticed but it seemed quite true.

Besides the fact that I now have some insights about Finnish film culture, I find it is urgent to learn Finnish, not because it is mandatory, but because it is interesting and full of surprises. I hope I could watch other Finnish movies in the future and learn more about Finnish culture and language, it would be very fun and exciting!

Japanese dinner

Last time we went to Asian restaurant, Izakaya Nomu to have dinner. We had some sushi, okonomiyaki, sashimi, and of course Korean soju! It was really fun to relax, eat and talk together. We learned basic things you say when you have dinner with someone, like “enjoy your meal”, and “cheers”! It was surprising, that in Korea it’s common thing to say, “I will enjoy my meal, thanks” rather than wishing it to other people.

I think next time we are going to meet is in wappufest! Unfortunately I need to work during the EOTO spring party on Wednesday so I can’t take part to that..

Eighth meeting


Our sixth meeting was in Skype. We was again really busy, but we wanted to meet, so we thought that Skype is good idea. We first talked about greetings and then we studied. And because was a weekend, we thought that bar words and drink words would be good to study.

We learnt some sentences, for example

Mennään tanssimaan = Vamos a bailar
Voinko tarjota? = Puedo ofrecerte un trago?Käytkö usein täällä? = Vienes seguido a este bar?
Mennään baariin! = Vamos al bar!

..and some words, for example

siideri = sidra
viini = vino
punaviini = vino tinto
valkoviini = vino blanco
olut = cerveza, birra

12th meeting; The last one


For out last meeting we went to have coffee at Wayne’s coffee. We didn’t have anything special planned so we just shared our experiences about this course and what we had learnt. We also talked about school ending and them flying home. Some from our group are leaving very soon but I guess everyone had booked their flights.

It’s sad that this experience is now over because it was really enjoyable to share my culture with people that are genuinely interested about it. First I wanted to learn only about France because I really knew nothing about it but then Soumaya from Germany joined us and the course got even more interesting.

One last thing I learnt was about  us Finns. One of us said the sentence “Finns never look happy”. It was so funny and it’s actually true if you ask from me 😀 They shared with me what they are going to miss in Finland and in Tampere. Over all we came into a conclusion that this was a great experience and we all learnt a lot but the best of all, we got new friends 😀 So I’d like to say a big Thank you to my group and wish you all the best when returning home!


11th meeting; Tourism in Germany


meeting 9 and meeting 11 for some of us. Because we had already talked about tourism in Finland and in France, obviously we talked about Germany this time.

First place we talked about was Berlin. I love the city and I’ve been there 3 times. We started by talking about the history and Berliner Mauer. The Berlin wall use to divide Berlin into east and west like the whole Germany was once divided during the World War 2. The Wall collapsed in November 9th 1989. Then we spoke about probably the most famous sight in Berlin, Brandenburger Tor. It’s a gate which used to be the checking point between east and west Berlin when the city was divided. Nowadays you can’t drive through it anymore. Then we spoke about the Germany Parliament house Reichtagsgebäude which is located close to Brandenburger Tor. We spoke about the glass architecture thing on top of the parliament building. And here is a picture of the building.

Berlin Capital City Of Germany_2

Then we talked about Hamburg where the biggest harbor of Germany is located. Zugsspitze which is the highest mountain in Germany and spitze actually means peak. Then about Munich or München which is famous for its car technology and BMW’s of course. Also the biggest Oktober fest (beer festival) is held in Munich.  Then to mention some other cities Köln is famous for it’s church and Frankfurt for its banks and businesses. I still really love Germany and I’ll definitely visit Munich like Somaya recommended.


5th meeting: almost free from school

Today we organized our 5th meeting. (For who is following our blog story, the international dinner is still processing… After the last exams at school, we will have time to prepare all the delicious food we have already talked about! Aaand don’t worry we will post lots of pictures ;))

In the meanwhile, we have already learnt the basics in every language, Spanish, Dutch and Italian, so we have thought to meet in a restaurant to discuss about our lives and to move on with the vocabulary.
We decided to try something different from our countries, so we have chosen to meet in Zeytun, a Lebanese restaurant next to Hammenkatu in Tampere. The menu is vegetarian and healthy and at the end we were totally satisfied of our choice.IMG_5018

While we were eating we spoke about our daily routine in our home country. I have been fascinated looking into the history and the traditions of them.
After lunch we stayed in the restaurant almost one hour just to improve the vocabulary and we realized that spending time speaking around table after lunch is a typical Mediterranean tradition. Indeed in the Netherlands, such as in the North of Europe, they used to eat and leave the restaurant.

Monday – Maandag – Lunes – Lunedi’
Tuesday – Dinsdag – Martes – Martedi’
Wednesday – Woensdag – Miercoles – Mercoledi’
Thursday – Donderdag – Jueves – Giovedi’
Friday – Vrijdag – Viernes – Venerdi’
Saturday – Zaterdag – Sabado – Sabato
Sunday – Zondag – Domingo – Domenica

January – Januari – Enero – Gennaio
February – Februari – Febrero – Febbraio
March – Maart – Marzo – Marzo
April – April – Abril – Aprile
May – Mei – Mayo – Maggio
June – Juni – Junio – Giugno
July – Juli – Julio – Luglio
August – Augustus – Agosto – Agosto
September – September – Septiembre – Settembre
October – Oktober – Octubre – Ottobre
November – November – Noviembre – Novembre
December – December – Diciembre – Dicembre

Jamon and curry (again) – 8th meeting

Since Moon (one of the Korean guys of the other Each One Teach One group) couldn’t came to the meeting we had on Saturday, I proposed him to meet with my group so he could taste Spanish jamon. He was quite moved and he told me he would cook some kind of dark curry for us (I was moved too).KakaoTalk_20160419_001934239

So, on monday we met in th city center, we bought some things for the curry and went to Lapinkaari to cook. While they were doing the dark curry I brought my last jamon and lomo (another Spanish typical meat-snack) and made some bocatas for them. Moon loved the jamon and the lomo (Bo-ryeong and Dahye too) and I enjoyed the dark curry. Although I had tried some times the yellow one, it was the first time I tried this dark curry; they put a fried egg on top of it and they even made it less spicy for me.
It was really nice for them and of course for me to get to know more about our countries foods and eating cultures. Actually we almost everytime end up eating quite a lot  in our Each One Teach One meetings but I love it. KakaoTalk_20160419_001847317

Spanish jamon and Korean curry – 7th meeting

For this meeting we joined again with the other Spanish-Korean grouop to taste some Spanish jamon that I had and we also took the ocasion to cook some Korean curry. So we met in Lapinkaari, my group’s residence, because the last time we met in the other group’s residence; while the Koreans were preparing the curry I made some small “bocatas de jamón” (jamon with bread) and when we finnished the jamon (quite fast), we ate the curry. I was really nice, they lked the jamon and, of course, I loved the curry so we were really happy.13046324_977388815715998_984557120_n

In the meeting we talked about some korean expresions like “맛있다” (it’s delicious), “존맛” (fucking delicious) and so on. We even ended up talking about the current political situation of Korea as well as Spains and Mexicos situation, witch was quite interesting to know about.13046161_977388855715994_181124148_n

When we finnished the lunch we went to the city center to get some ice creams. It was a really nice day, we all had a really good time and we talked about future plans for more meetings.12988141_977388775716002_1249370419_n

6th Meeting

In the 6th meeting we focused on German like previously mentioned. To start with we began by talking only German during the meeting. If there is something that cannot be understood we try to explain in German. Our meeting was taking place at TOAS city in the common room. To start with we talked about how to tell about the Erasmus experience in German. Then we watched some short clips on YouTube to work on the listening skills. And after we just worked on some more verbs and their conjugation again. The words we were learning were: reisen (travel), wandern (hiking), erkunden (discover) and some more that would be needed when telling about the Erasmus in German.

5th meeting

After some trips in and out of Finland we got back to post in the blog. Our 5th meeting was at TAMK library, where we focused mainly on my Finnish skills since my exam was coming up. We made a plan to do the same next meeting with German. Due to the tasks we were given on my exam we went through all the material that I had to learn. The topics dealt with name of months, days, things of daily life and how to give a short introduction. I learned a good amount of finnish this meeting and I was confident for my exam.