1st meeting: everyday life!

Our 1st meeting was in the kitchen of the third floor in Toas City and we came up with the idea to share the most everyday-usage sentences in the different languages of our group (Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and to repeat them every time we are going to the kitchen. We thought it was a funny and good idea to learn easily the other languages.

ENGLISH                                         SPANISH                                DUTCH                    ITALIAN

Can I have the cheese?    ¿Me pasas el queso?     Mag ik de kaas?     Posso avere il formaggio?

Is there space in the kitchen?  ¿Hay sitio en la cocina? I ser ruimte in de keuken?    C’è spazio in cucina?

Are we eating on the third or the fourth floor?       ¿Comemos en la tercera planta o en la cuarta? Eten we op de derde of op de vierde verdieping?       Stai mangiando al terzo o al quarto piano?

Will you come to the big kitchen?  ¿Vienes a la cocina grande? Kom je naar de grote keuken? Vieni (verrai – future) nella cucina grande?

Is there a stove free?  ¿Hay algún fuego libre?  I ser een kooplaat vrij? C’è un fornello libero?

Have you seen my camomile?  ¿Has visto mi camomila?   Heb je mijn kamille gezien?       Hai visto la mia camomilla?

Enjoy your meal!             ¡Qué aproveche!         Eetsmakelijk!       Buon appetito!

What are we eating tonight?    ¿Qué vamos a cenar esta noche?            Wat eten we vanavond?             Cosa mangi (mangerai- future) stasera?

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