9th meeting: Vietnamese nature

We talked about Vietnamese nature in our second last meeting. I learned that the plants are tropical plants and compared to Finnish forests the vegetation in Vietnam is more dense.  There are many fruit growing in Vietnam that I only know from the shelves of supermarkets.

Nghi told that because of the dense population in Vietnam, the forest areas have become smaller and the area covered by them is still shrinking. As it is, especially many larger animals in Vietnam have become endangered. Some of the greater animals that one can see in Vietnsam, if lucky, are tigers and elephants. There are also several dangerous animals, such as snakes and scorpions.

It was really interesting to be able to ask nature-related questions from Nghi and to be able to compare the nature in these two different countries, Vietnam and Finland. We came to the conclusion that the animals and their colors in Vietnam seem exotic from a Finnish point of view and that many Finnish animals and plants are like Finns themselves: humble-looking and trying not be paid too much attention to 🙂 .

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