9th meeting

This was 9th meeting for us. We met again in Koskipuisto. The winter has gone and finally we saw sun again. we saw lots of people in the park for chilling or picnic. we talked about finnish people tried to have great time in summer time as much as they can.

Winter time was so long, actually for me it was since october. Since October when i go out, i take my jacket and scarf. I had real finnish winter experience. One day i forgot scarf and gloves, it was – 30 degree and i was frozen. Usually people stay inside and spend time with family or friends. So i did not have opportunity to meet new people at some points. But now, when i go to the park, someone talk to me always. everyone is happy and try to enjoy with sun.

we will come back to our country in the end of may so we will not see real summer in finland. but we wish we could come back here next 10 years in summer.



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