Nykyaika Photographic Centre

Our seventh meeting was about arts and adjectives. We went to see a photography exhibition at Nykyaika Photographic Centre. Theme of the exhibition was desire. It was mostly photographs but also video and sound where used. I really liked it. Different artists had approached the theme differently. Some saw childhood dreams or travelling when others saw addictions, standards of beauty, craving or lust. Very interesting collection.

After exploring the exhibition, we sat down to talk about arts and wrote down some adjectives and art-related words.

  • Deseo – desire
  • Exhibición – exhibition
  • Colleción – collection
  • Empieza – starts
  • Termina – ends
  • El fin – the end
  • Crear – create
  • Imagen – picture
  • Hermosa – beautiful
  • Belleza escondida – hidden beauty
  • Bonita – pretty
  • Lindo/-a – cute
  • Guapo – handsome
  • Guapa – beautiful

We also learned that adding suffix -ito/-ita to a stem indicates affection but it can also make the meaning “small”. So, let´s be careful with it.

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