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8. Meeting at Café Europa!

For our 8th meeting we decided to go to Café Europa at night to enjoy some late drinks. This time we wanted to be fancier than usual so decided to go for a glass of good wine instead of just beers (which took 3 hours for us to drink it as it was so expensive we really wanted to enjoy sip by sip haha)

In order to do something different as usual, we took some board games to spend the night. We chose the Trivial Pursuit and started to ask some questions about different topics, and we tried to look for questions related to our countries, so that we could also keep learning things about our places of birth. After a while, I have to say that I really need to improve when it comes to geography, but also I realised that I know more facts about history than I thought.

Besides that, we talked about the type of governments we have in our countries (Constitutional monarchies in Spain and The Netherlands and constitutional republic in Italy), about how the languages we speak are spread around the world, and also about some differences between the Spanish language in Spain and South America.

One funny fact that happened during the night was realising when we were ordering the drinks, that the way we use our fingers to count is different. In Italy and The Netherlands, to say “3” they use their thumb, index and middle finger, as in Spain we use index, middle and ring finger. It was something really surprising for us as we didn’t expect cultural differences in something such insignificant as counting with the fingers.


7. Meeting at Fazer Café!

For our 7th meeting we went to Fazer Café once again, and as the academic year is coming to an end, we have plenty of free time, and we could spend a few hours just relaxing, talking and enjoying some coffee.

The topic of our conversation was again food somehow, but this time we talked about our eating habits, the most weird dishes we hade ver tried, and curious stories we have experienced related to food in foreign countries due to misunderstandings. For example, Valeria doesn’t eat meat and some years ago she went to Scotland with her family, where she ordered a dish not knowing what it had inside.

It’s kind of curious to compare what is normal and what looks weird and disgusting in different parts of the world.

After this, we went back to teaching and learning languages, and for this meeting we started with some basic verbs tenses. Once again, Italian is not a big deal for me, but Dutch is being a real challenge!


English Italian Spanish Dutch
To be Essere Ser Zijn
To have Avere Haber Hebben
To eat Mangiare Comer Eten
To sleep Dormire Dormir Slapen
To go Andare Ir Gaan
To ask Chiedere Pedir/Preguntar Vragen
To name Chiamarse Llamarse Benoemen
To buy Comprare Comprar Kopen
To see Vedere Ver Zien
To speak Parlare Hablar Spreken

The last meeting with Emmiina

Farewell Party



It was our last meeting in Toas city where I live. I invited Emmiina to my place and we had Korean dinner together with my two Korean and three Finnish friends:)

Even Emmiina came earlier than me ….. so I brought her to my room and she gave me a gift with beautiful card! It was a muumi cup!!! that I really wanted to have ㅜㅜI was so touched ..and felt so sorry that I couldn’t prepare anything for her. ….ㅠㅠ


IMG_1222    IMG_1242

We were planning to make Korean Chicken and Korean potato pancake! Because Emmiina is always interested in food so I invited her early when we start to cook! Then she can watch how it works 🙂 We made Korean food with traditional ways. So it would be interesting for Finnish friends !

They said it’s so tasty and so different way of cooking 🙂


It is always nice to hear that Korean food is awesome! I’m very proud of that Korea has good food for everyone all over the world and many Finnish friends want to learn Korean language. We had great time with cooking and eating!

Also because it was very good weather, we went for a picnic ! with a bottle of wine and vodka which I bought from Russia in the ferry 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 IMG_1240

We enjoyed the sunny weather with a glass of alcohol.!!! wit a lot of photos ♥

We also studied until our last meeting !!!!!!! We studied about month and weekdays !



January = Tammikuu

February = Helmikuu

March = Maaliskuu

April = Huhtikku

May = Toukokuu

June= KesäKuu

July = Heinäkuu

August = elokuu

September = suuskuu

October = lokakuu

November= marraskuu

December = joulukuu

Monday = Maanantai

Tuesday = Tiistai

Wednesday = Keskiviikko

Thursday = Torstai

Friday = Perjantai

Saturday = lauantai

Sunday = Sunnuntai



I enjoyed EOTO a lot! It was my best choice in Finland! I’m so lucky that I met a perfect friend through EOTO and She is coming to Korea next year as an exchange student

So I’m so thank u, EOTO! You made my days in Finland really!

Thanks Emmiina having a lot of good time with me and teach me Finnish language ^^

See u, Kiitos!




the ninth meeting with Emmiina

Vappu Festival

Vappu is the biggest festival for University students! The atmosphere of Tampere was totally different with usual. Everyone was excited and happy!

The weather was also perfect to enjoy the festival. Before the real Vappu Emmiina invited me to picnic with her friends. We were supposed to meet in Laikunlava but we met in Sokos Alko actually hahahahah

We came to Sokos to buy a bottle of wine and we went to Laikunlava together! She said it is about to start a concert of Karri Koira who  is one of singers Emmiina likes. We were running to there and had a picnic for a while ! I had chance to try typical White Vappu graduation  hat from one of her friends! and we took a picture!


The concert started and we went up on the seats and danced !! It was so fun even though I don’t know them and their music! Emmiina ,her friend  and me was crazily enjoying and after the concert has ended. We went to the stage and got signature and took photos with them! It was so nice to meet here musicians in front of me!


Thanks for inviting me to real student’s  Vappu picnic!

I was so happy to be there 🙂

the eighth meeting with Emmiina

Japanese Dinner, Izakaya Nomu

We went to Japanese Restaurant together. Emmiina reserved a table already! Kiitos:)

We had some sushi, okonomiyaki, sashimi, tapas and Korean alcohol soju! Soju was mixed with some lime !! it was so nice and was my first time to have Soju in Finland! Because it is really expensive here but we can find it in Stockmann Alko !:) almost 10 times more expensive:)

We ordered and ordered a lot hahah it was so delicious and small portion hahaha

I tried to order in Finnish and Emmiina asked me how to say enjoy your meal in Korean!

We say both! Enjoy your meal=  맛있게 먹어 (mat it ge muk u) and I will enjoy my meal well (thanks for cooking) ! ( 잘먹겠습니다 -Jal muk get seum ni da)

When I was teaching her after I say 잘먹겠습니다. It looked like Korean people are selfish hahaha because it looks like we care only ourselves .haha but actually this is a thankful greeting to someone who cooked.

Finally we finished our meal and came back home 🙂

It was really nice!

The senventh meeting with Emmiina

Fazer Cafe

Before I go to Dublin , Emmiina asked me to go Fazer cafe for brunch! It was on sunnu sunny spring Sunday morning!  Hyvää huomenta !

I was so pleased to visit there! cause it’s one of the fancy cafe I wanted to visit all the time!

Always Thank you, Emmiina! 🙂

IMG_5311 IMG_5313

It was really expensive but worth it! Cake with a cup of coffee was awesome !

but it was on Sunday morning , it was so crowded (Full of people)

So  we couldn’t stay long time for other people and couldn’t study at all. After all we went to Koskikeskus to have a look some items for her hair accessories. After shopping we said good bye::)

The sixth meeting with Emmiina

Blueberry pie and Finnish studying !

In water day meeting I told Emmiina that my favourite food in Finland is BLUEBERRY PIE 🙂

She remembered that and asked me to have a blueberry pie meeting! So I went to her place and she already organized ingredients !

Before we start I found her overall on her bed and I asked her that if I can try that on! She said Yes! and I tried 🙂 It was my first time to wear that and my dreams came true! It was so nice and special. Many people think its a bit strange clothes and culture but I really like it! If I can buy it I would buy that!  haha Especially I like the colour of Hospitality Management light blue ! So nice


And we cooked for blue berry pie step by step following Emmiina! It was so beautiful even it’s not cooked yet!

IMG_0445IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0479IMG_0473

When we finished to cook the smell was sooooooo nice and visual looking was sooo pretty!  and delicious 🙂 Best blueberry pie ever!! Even i tooke them away to home  haha

After eating blueberry pie we learnt how to pronounce Finnish ‘R’ sound! It was so challenging but It went better at the end haha

We also talked about her Asian trip with pictures. She traveled a lot all over the world even I haven’t been to any Asian country except for Korea. She is so brave! It was so interesting to hear her stories ! Hyvää  !!!♥

The fifth Meeting with Emmiina

TAMK Waterday

In my course “Water day Project” ,we had TAMK water day festival in our school cafeteria. It was right after the world water day. We organized everything before the day for about 3 months. I prepared for some water experiments. Our team made Water cake which only made of Water, Sugar and gelatin. Also we made water fountain which can show water tricks using water’s scientific characters.  For the festival I invited Emmiina to participate in our experiment and she tasted water cake! haha We are always interested in FOOD as usual. She said “It tastes like water exactly !hahaha” It was! actually ! hahaIMG_0030

IMG_0066 IMG_0098

We enjoyed our experiments and others and we went for a seminar about “Water Services in Global Perspective” It was interesting to know global water situations.

After seminal we went for a lunch in school cafeteria and we talked a lot about traveling in Asia when she comes Korea as an ERASMUS !! 🙂

It was so fun !XDXD

The Fourth Meeting with Emmiina

Visited cafe europa

I wanted to meet Emmiina in Koskikeskus  shopping centre but I told her wrong as Keskustori … I’m always confused between two names It sounds similar to me ㅠㅠ. So Emmiina and I were waiting in different places each other. After we figured out that we are in different places She came to the shopping centre and we were looking for a cafe to study:)

She recommended a cafe where she used to study in peace called Cafe Europa. The atmosphere was quite different from others and especially purple colour wall was impressed. We ordered Ice tea and started to study. I learnt how to order beverage or food in Finnish ,colours,fruits and plural nouns.

1. One Ice tea,please ! = Yksi jäätee, kiitos!


2. One beer, please! = Yksi olutut, kiitos!

3. Can I have one burger please? = Saisinko(yhden) burgerin kiitos?

4. Can I have two burgers please? = Saisinko Kaksi burgeria kiitos?

5. We ordered burgers = Me tilasimme burgerit

6. glass= lasi / glasses = lasit

7. sofa = sohva / sofas = sohvat

8. a girl = tyttö / girls= tyttöt




It was actually  coincidence ! In my Basics of Finnish course in TAMK after our meeting, my teacher taught about colours so I could answer and understand very well and classmates were talking about Cafe Europa is a fancy place I must visit in Tampere ! I was so pleased that I made it already thanks to my lovely friend Emmiina:) She is dragging me into real Tampere local life very well. I’m so pleased that I met Emmiina through EOTO


9th meeting: International dinner

Finally we did it!!

We organized our international dinner and we have planned all together since the preparation to the dinner itself. We have decided to prepare pasta with pesto, spanish omelette and banana bread. We went to make the grocery together and we started to practice our new languages!
We needed:
one pack of pasta (un paquete de pasta – een pak pasta)
a jar of pesto (un frasco de pesto – een pot pesto)
5 potatos (cinco patatas – vijf  aardappelen)
6 eggs (seis huevos – zes eieren)
4 banans (cuatro plàtanos – vier bananen)
one pack of flour (un paquete de harina – een pak meel)
one pack of sugar (un paquete de azùcar – een pack suiker).
Then we went to Toas City, our dormitory, and we started to cook all together. While I put the water then the salt and the pasta in one pot, Irene put the potatoes in another pot to boil and Jamila prepared the dough of the banana bread. Then I drained the pasta, Irene put the eggs in a pan with the potatoes and Jamila put the dough into a baking tin. After that I finished my pasta with the addition of pesto, Irene finished the omelette routating itself inside the pan and Jamila put the baking tin into the oven.
We started eating my pasta as the first dish, with of course a bit of parmesan, then we eat the spanish omelette as the second dish and last but not the least we ate the banana bread as dessert.

Everything was really tasty and now I can say that I have learnt two international reciepes! I can’t look forward to prepare them in Italy to my family, they will be really surprise!