10th meeting: last but not the least!

To celebrate the end of the semester and the end of the year (our Erasmus year!), we went to eat the street food next to the harbour in Tampere. We took a big and tasty salad with salmon in typical Finnish way. This year was full of emotions, feelings and little personal satisfactions so we had lots of topics to speak about and we spent almost three hours there.
We spoke about our experience and our perception of Finland and Erasmus itself. We mentioned also the most funny episodes and the most critical ones. It was a beautiful summary of what we lived.
Later we spoke about the positive adjectives in each languages:

English                            Spanish                            Dutch                       Italian
nice                                  bello/hermoso             mooi                          bello
fantastic                         fantàstico                       fantastisch              fantastico
amazing                        asombroso                      verbazend              stupefacente
wonderful                     maravilloso                    prachtig                   meraviglioso
unique experience    experiencia ùnica        unieke ervaring    esperienza unica
crazy                               loca                                    gek                             pazza
gorgeous                       esplendido                     schitterend             splendido
happy                             feliz                                    gelukkig                   felice

I realized that in the neolatin languages, spanish and italian, have the differentiation in masculine and femenine gender of the adjectives, instead Dutch and English, which arrive from the anglo-saxon family, don’t change the end of the adjective while they use to describe a male or a female thing.

IMG_6190 IMG_6191

After all, I would like to thank to my mates to have tought me a lot about your country and language and the organizer of the course too, because he gave me the possibility to have spent time with two verbazend/asombrosas girls.


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