10. It’s time to say goodbye!

This has already come to an end and all us have already come back home. For our last meeting, we wanted to celebrate and have a general look of what has been our Erasmus life in Tampere. The weather was so great it seemed like it was preparing me for my return to Spain, so we decided to have our last lunch together in one of the street restaurants near the harbour, and had a huge salmon salad.


We talked about our life in Tampere, in the international dormitory, all the people we have met here, all the international friends we have made, and all the different words, dishes, expressions and traditions we have learnt form each other. It’s been one of the best (I would even say the bestest) year of my life, as I have had the chance to become a bit more independent and to live by myself. Besides this, we have discovered Finland, its culture and its people, and it has been an amazing experience.

We really become a bit emotional realizing that all of this was finished and that we should go back to our routine back in Spain, Italy and The Netherlands. It’s going to be a bit hard to readapt to our lives there, specially having to live again with our parents, but we tried to stay positive and learn all the positive and happy adjectives we could, because those are probably the ones we are going to use to describe all this experience!

Nice Bello/hermoso Mooi Bello
Fantastic Fantástico Fantastisch Fantastico
Amazing Asombroso Verbazend Stupefacente
Wonderful Maravilloso Prachtig Meraviglioso
Unique experience Experiencia única Unieke ervaring Esperienza unica
Crazy Loco Gek Pazza
Gorgeous Espléndido Schitterend Splendido
Happy Feliz Gelukkig Felice


After this, we tried to analyse the way we form the gender of the adjetives, and we found out that Spanish and Italian, as they are both neolatin languages, have a difference between masculine and femenine. In the other hand, this does not happen with Dutch, as it comes from the anglo-saxon family, and these languages don’t change when it comes to gender.

Now it’s time to start packing all our stuff and go back to where we come from. I would like to thank Valeria and Jamila for being such an amazing girls, and for having shared all of these moment with me. I have learnt a lot about a culture that was completely unknown for me, as it was Dutch, and I have also had the chance to go a bit deeper into the Italian one. It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye, but now I know I have two beautiful friends out there!

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