EPISODE 5: Viva la noche!

EPISODE 5: Viva la noche!

There are two things that come immediately to a foreigner mind when you say the word Spain. Football and Party. As we didn’t know much about football we decided to talk about party and nightlife. At the beginning we just showed each other a few clubs, where are them and what can you expect of them. But, suddenly when we started to talk about our favourite places memories came to our minds. Epic stories about how friends danced over the tables of a bar, how Sánchez was flirting with the hottest girl that night or just the conversations that we had about how tasty is the Mahou/Estrella Damm invaded our Each One Teach One session.

After an hour of epic stories we find out that there are two kinds of parties and of course different options in each group. So that we made a list of the most important places depending on the kind of party you want to have:

Catalonia (Barcelona)
Mainstream places: Port olimpic (OPIUM) + Razzmataz
Alternative places: Pubs in Gracia (a neighborhood) + Fabrica moritz.

Mainstream places: Tartufo + Serrano 41
Alternative places: Pubs in Malasaña + Matadero de Madrid

In both of the cities the party is quite the same. The most popular places are big discos where music is louder than your mother’s shout when you have to tidy up your room and the alternative places are always related with some kind of artsy and hipster ambiance. But what we realized is that the main point wasn’t the place, it is the people.

Learn where are the best places in Barcelona was easy, and teaching Pablo where are the most hipster places was easier than stealing a lollipop to a baby. It seems that Pablo, as a hipster himself, has a special talent to find this places.


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