1. FIN/JAP meeting at student cafe

We had a first meeting at student cafe in TAMK.

Actually we are in the same class and have almost same time tables so it is easy to set the meetings.

Today I had a Finnish language class in the morning, so I reviewed things from that to brush up what I learned, which is very basic sentences, like “Mina olen” – I am “Mitos mies?” – how’s going. Add to this, Toni taught me some useful phrases at the cafe, because I like having a cup of coffee at the cafe but everytime I go there I tried to have conversation with staffs in Finnish but it always ends up in something awkward.

I learned Otatko maitoa tai sokeria? – with milk or sugar?

Mita muuta? – anything else?

These very practical things. I think it will help me very much in my everyday life.

For Toni’s Japanese study, he brought his study material so it was easy to see how our study goes.  I think I’ll bring mine next time, it was a good idea.

We talked about postpositional particles and some verbs, nouns and so on, also his trip to Japan in last spring. I’m not so sure if my description helped him in his Japanese study, I hope I will learn how to be a good teacher sooner.

One thing we regretted today  was that we didn’t go outside and enjoy sunshine on such a  beautiful day. So we are going to do picnic next week!

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