Japanese/ Finnish, 1st meeting

Hi, I’m Toni! I’m studying Japanese and teaching Finnish to my pair Nao.

On our first meeting we decided to meet at the school’s cafe. It was not the best choice for language studies because some friends kept interrupting our conversation but all in all the meeting was very useful and we decided to go have a picnic next time if the weather is good.

This time I taught some phrases that are useful when ordering a coffee. I think it’s funny that I really had to think what I would say in these situations. In Finnish it’s a bit tough because nobody really speaks the way we write books or newspaper articles.

Nao is from the Osaka area in Japan so she taught me two words in Osaka dialect(I’m  writing everything with letters because I guess most people wouldn’t understand the Japanese characters):

naa =yes

ookini = thank you

I also finally learned the reason why hanashimasu(to speak) is sometimes said hanasemasu. The latter emphasizes the ability to speak while the first one simply states that someone speaks. So:

hikimasu = to play(a musical instrument)

hikemasu = to be able to play or ‘I can play’

I’m really looking forward to the next meeting and studying outdoors.

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