FIN/SWE – Second Date

On this beautifully sunny day we (me and Elli) went on a sightseeing trip around the city centre. We walked the pink route on the “Walking Tours in the City Centre of Tampere” map you can get from the TAMKO office (not all of it, we skipped 1 and 2 since they were the furthest away). So we walked around and talked in Finnish and Swedish, and some English when we didn’t remember the words. To hear about the last week was interesting and I have to say, I amaze myself every time I listen to Finnish, I understand so much more than I think I would! The same with talking.

To tell about my week in Swedish was actually difficult, since I don’t speak book-Swedish. Dialects can be tricky to get rid off.

This is what we saw on our little Walking Tour!

Our first stop was The Hämeensilta Bridge, then we kind of skipped Koskikeskus since we both had been there many times. This means our next stop was Kehräsaari and Laukontori. The place after that was probably our favourite stop! The Market Hall. It was so beautiful! And a mouth-watering experience. After that it was off to the Central Square, the Old Library, the Tammerkoski Rapids, The Satakunnansilta Bridge and finally the Central Fire Station.

Then we picked number 5 (The Tampere Sculpture) from the yellow route and number 6 (The Former Business School) from the blue route as well, just because they were so close by.

Words we translated:

  • Background – Taustalla – Bakgrund
  • Mouth watering – Herahtaa vesi kielelle – Det vattnas i munnen
  • Factory – Tehdas – Fabrik
  • Fire Station – Paloasema – Brandstation
  • Statue – Patsas – Staty
  • Lost – Eksyksissä/Kadoksissa/Kadonnut – Borttappad
  • Do you manage – Pärjäätkö – Klarar du dig
  • Are you able to – Jaksatko – Orkar du
  • Presentation – Esittely – Presentation

It felt really good today. Not as much English used and we had a great time!
Board game night tomorrow evening!

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