The second meeting

For our second meeting with Ida we decided to make a little city tour in Tampere! We walked around the town and went to see some sights like Kauppahalli and Tammerkoski. This time we didn’t use as much English as we did on our first meeting, and I think that’s a big improvement! We ended up talking Finnish quite a lot, but I did get my daily portion of Swedish too.



Here are a few of the words we learned this time:

  • Cute – söt – söpö
  • Sweet – söt – makea
  • Fire station – brandstation – paloasema
  • Statue – staty – patsas
  • Lost – eksyksissä – borttappad
  • ??? – herahtaa vesi kielelle – det vattnas i munnen


The city tour was nice and the weather was beautiful! Next time we’ll be playing board games.


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