El Rey de Constantinopla or l’ Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli? First meeting Spanish/Italian

Ciao! It has been a week from our first meeting in TAMKO’s office -Arianna and I had our first meeting last Monday. We were surprised at see how fast time passes; we spend about two hours and a half talking!
Il mio nome è Karla –a basic phrase I’ve learnt :D.
Our first meeting was awesome! I knew that Arianna has some knowledge of Spanish, so I started talked in Spanish to test her. I found out that she has a good level!
After learn how to pronounce s, c and z in some Spanish words, we talked a bit about famous singers in our countries and which ones we already met. It was awesome to know that we like the same Italian singers Il Volo, Eros Ramazzotti, Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini, and Cristian Castro from Mexico.

I was surprised when Arianna told me about the different dialects are spoken in Italy, and how is difficult to understand them because they depend of which Italian region are you –I thought that they only spoke Italian.

We were learning at the same time about our countries and our languages, many vocabulary; some words such as palazzo/edificio/building, villa/casa de campo/big house, notte/noche/night, etc.

Alphabet and numbers are pretty similar in our languages, but there are some differences in pronunciation –my favorite part. I believe that for everyone is amusing listening to foreigners trying to pronounce a word correctly; it was not such that with Arianna, but it was for me tough. And, what could be better for pronunciation that some scioglilingua/trabalenguas/tongue-twister?? We had a great time doing this!! During 30 minutes we had too much fun with tongue-twisters in Spanish and Italian, and I found out that some are similar, here’s an example:

Se l’ Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli si disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzasse, vi disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzareste coi come si è disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzato l’ Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli? -Italian

El rey de Constantinopla se quiere desconstantinopolizar, aquel desconstantinopolizador que logré desconstantinopolizarlo, un gran desconstantinopolizador será. -Spanish

And it wasn’t all. Before our classes, we had lunch together and I teach Arianna how to distinguish Spanish accent from South American and from Mexico.

Without a doubt, it was a wonderful meeting!



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