Small talk / de cháchara. First meeting.



First meeting and I was getting to Café Europa, worried about my very basic level of finnish and a bit late… (That´s not finnish at all… bad start :D). But there she was, Aino, awaiting smiling. I had asked her like an hour ago to just text me in finnish on whatsapp, so I could start learning some common expressions… but what a blast… even those basic expressions are completely different from the things I´m studying!.

So, the first thing she had for me was a basic conversation about meeting up. And I realized again that this wouldn´t be easy… Finnish people doesn´t talk like in textbooks at all!. She showed me the real or “slang” way of talking when at a meeting with friends or a small talk conversation:

Taavantako illemalla Europassa?
Mihin aikaan sinulle sopisi?
Minulle sopisi kahdeksalta.
Miten on viikko mennyt?
Mitä kaikkea olet tehnyt?
Kiva kuula!

After that I taught her the most common way of saying that in spanish, at least in the south:

Nos vemos luego en Café Europa?
A qué hora quedamos?
Qué tal tu semana?
Qué tal estás?
Muy bien!

It was fun just to see how a finn changes its intonation and its complete mood somehow by changing the language!. Also happened to me, she noticed I put “too much emotion” on pronouncing finnish… that was fun to hear :).

And finally after all that theory we talked about our cultures, I was specially interested in many aspects of the finnish culture like the way people behaves in daily situations, supermarket and various stuff which I´ve been noticing on my first month in Tampere and I find completely different from Spain.

It was a really nice and fun meeting, though I realized that I still need to put a lot of effort just to start understanding the basics of small talks.
Let´s go for the next round!

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